SKD 360

Mesh digital drum


Powered by the SKD360 sound module

Full mesh skin

Audio generator online upgrade

2 power-down recordings saving


Gigs, Practice,etc.

Product Description

A full mesh leather electronic drum suitable for drummer practice and general performance, equipped with standard 5 drums and 3 cymbals, using a newly designed sound generator, built-in realistic percussion sounds.

The online software update function is compatible with various teaching and game software to meet the needs of various drummers.

Audio generator is with online upgrade function.

SKD 360 support 2 recordings to save when power down.

Tags: Drummer PracticeOrdinary PerformanceSoftware Update Online5 Drum 3 CymbalSKD Series

Product Parameter

Model: SKD 360 Type: Mesh digital drum
Total Number of Pads: 7 Number of Drum Pads: 4
Number of Cymbal Pads: 3 Snare Pads Size: 8"
Number of Snare Pads: 1 Tom Pads Size: 8"
Number of Tom Pads: 3 Kick Pads Size: 2"
Number of Kick Pads: 1 Hi-hat Size: 10"
Number of Hi-hats: 1 Crash Size: 10"
Number of Crashs: 1 Ride Size: 10"
Number of Rides: 1 Number of Pedals: Hi-hat pedal(x1)
Number of Preset Drum Kits: 25 Number of User Defined Drum Kits: 12
Tempo: 30-250 bpm Audio Input Connector: Aux in JACK(1/8")
Audio Output Connector: Line output JACK(1/4"), MIDI out, Headphone output JACK(1/8"), USB MIDI USB Connector: 1
MIDI Connector: 1600 mm x 700 mm
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