SD 30

Mini digital drum


Powered by the SD30 sound module

Preloaded with 10 drum kits and 108 high quality percussion voices.

2 user defined drum kits

10 demo songs

Recording and playback facility

Dual bass drum pedals on-and-off button



Product Description

The stand of SD30 is a set of mini independent foldable shelf bracket. The height can be adjusted by stretching and fixed by folding three points. Cymbals adopt hollow design.

The audio source module equips with a one-button double bass on function.

Tags: Mini Digital DrumHeight Adjustable3 Drum 2 CymbalDigitron DisplayPlayback and RecordingSD30SD Series

Product Parameter

Model: SD 30 Type: Mini digital drum
Total Number of Pads: 5 Number of Drum Pads: 3
Number of Cymbal Pads: 2 Snare Pads Size: 7"
Number of Snare Pads: 1 Tom Pads Size: 7"
Number of Tom Pads: 2 Kick Pads Size: -
Number of Kick Pads: 0 Hi-hat Size: 8"
Number of Hi-hats: 1 Crash Size: 8"
Number of Crashs: 1 Ride Size: -
Number of Rides: 0 Number of Pedals: 2
Number of Preset Drum Kits: 10 Number of User Defined Drum Kits: 2
Tempo: 30-250 bpm Input Connector: Aux in JACK(1/8")
Output Connector: Line output JACK(1/4"), MIDI out, Headphone output JACK(1/8") Number of Headphone Connectors: 1
Space Min. in mm: 600 mm x 750 mm

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