SD 200

Digital drum


Powered by the SD200 sound module

Dual Zone Snare support rim/pad hit simultaneously

Audio generator online upgrade

4 power-down recordings saving


Gigs, Practice, etc.

Product Description

SD200 adopts multi-functional four-point-three-side ring buckle drum frame, the body is plastic-sprayed and frosted to ensure the stability during installation.

With the inner wiring design, it can be installed easily and conveniently

Every drum pad and cymbal is designed for hassle-free use, whether at gigs or practicing at home.

All drum pads and cymbals have dual trigger effects, using high-quality rubber to give rebound force better performance. The kick pads can be connected to any traditional pedal hammer (including double pedals). Hi-hat controller provides authentic hi-hat sound, and the opening and closing of the hi-hat feels natural and real. 

Soundking professionally designed sound source, a variety of styles and sounds, compatible with most teaching and game software, to meet the needs of various drummers. 

Audio generator is with online upgrade function.

SD200 support 4 recordings to save when power down.

Tags: Drummer PracticeOrdinary PerformanceRing Buckle Drum HolderFirmStableInternal Cabling DesignEasy InstallationQuickly Disassemble and InstallDual-channel TriggerSoftware Compatible

Product Parameter

Model: SD 200 Type: Digital drum
Total Number of Pads: 8 Number of Drum Pads: 5
Number of Cymbal Pads: 3 Snare Pads Size: 8"
Number of Snare Pads: 1 Tom Pads Size: 8"
Number of Tom Pads: 3 Kick Pads Size: 8"
Number of Kick Pads: 1 Hi-hat Size: 10"
Number of Hi-hats: 1 Crash Size: 12"
Number of Crashs: 1 Ride Size: 12"
Number of Rides: 1 Number of Pedals: 1
Number of Preset Drum Kits: 26 Number of User Defined Drum Kits: 15
Tempo: 30-300 bpm Audio Input Connector: Aux in JACK(1/8"),
Audio Output Connector: Line output JACK(1/4"), MIDI out, Headphone output JACK(1/8"), USB MIDI USB Connector: 1
MIDI Connector: 1600 mm x 1000mm

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