The Travel Rainbow Drum is designed for mobility, with brilliant colors, easy folding, long-lasting work and bright sound quality.

Drum pads and cymbals are made of ABS and TPE secondary injection molding for greater durability in Soundking's patented rainbow color scheme.

Snare and tom drums are all rubberized drums measuring 7", all are mono.

Cymbals are fully encapsulated with a rubberized surface, measuring 8", all single channel.

All cymbal adjustments are made with S-shaped knobs, opening up the wrenchless era and making storage extremely easy.

The drum stand adopts the patent applied folding stand.

The main connecting tube is made of an exclusive patented concave tube with a perforated rubber sleeve to hide the wires.

As a travel drum there are a variety of accessories for optional such as headphones, storage bags, drum stools, speakers, etc., the entire product line comes standard with exclusive color drumsticks.

The built-in battery of the main unit can support more than 5 hours of continuous use.

Display: 7-segment 3-digit display

Number of tones: 300 high-quality tones

Number of preset drum kits: 25 sets

Number of user drum kits: 15 sets

Number of demo songs: 20

Number of recordings saved: 2

EQ: High/Low 2-band EQ

Reverb: Switch function

Number of metronome sound types: 5 types

Metronome Adjustable Speed Range: 35-280bpm

Bottom Drum Type Selection: Support

Software Upgrade: Supported

Built-in Battery: Built-in battery can work continuously for more than 5 hours

Rechargeable power supply: Support

Related interface: SUB MIDI input and output interface, AUX IN interface, 6.35 audio output interface (mono), 3.5 stereo headphone output interface


Small shows, parties, practice, etc.

Product Parameter

Model: SD10R Type: Digital drum
Total Number of Pads: 7 Number of Drum Pads: 4
Number of Cymbal Pads: 3 Snare Pads Size: 7" rubber pad
Number of Snare Pads: 1 Tom Pads Size: 7" rubber pad
Number of Tom Pads: 3 Kick Pads Size: -
Number of Kick Pads: 0 Hi-hat Size: 8" rubber pad
Number of Hi-hats: 1 Crash Size: 8" rubber pad
Number of Crashs: 1 Ride Size: 8" rubber pad
Number of Rides: 1 Number of Pedals: KICK metal pedal(x1), Hi-hat metal pedal(x1)
Number of Preset Drum Kits: 25 Number of User Defined Drum Kits: 15
Tempo: 35-280 bpm Audio Input Connector: YES
Audio Output Connector: YES USB Connector: NO
MIDI Connector: YES External Memory Interface: NO
Extension Interface: NO Space Min. in mm: -

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