AP Series Processors are high-performance, cost-effective processors designed for the middle and low-end areas. They have clear software interface modules, simple operation, multiple user presets, and can be stored and invoked separately for the whole state and each preset. It has password protection function to make the device safer. Remote control via RS232 or RS485 facilitates customer intelligent control.

The input processing section contains processing functions such as high-cut, low-cut, 8 PEQ, gain, mute, phase, delay, and continuous adjustment.

The output processing section contains processing units such as crossover, 9 parametric equalization, gain, mute, compression/clipper, phase, delay, and continuous adjustment.

The PEQ gain, bandwidth and frequency of all channels can be continuously adjusted, and the types can be selected: parametric equalization, low-shelf filtering, high-shelf filtering, low-cut filtering, high-cut filtering.

Matrix assignment is free between all inputs and outputs, and the name of each input and output channel can be changed.

For all high-cut and low-cut filters, the type of divider can be selected: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel, and slopes option from -6 dB/Oct to -48 dB/Oct.

The threshold, ratio, start-up time and recovery time of the compressor/limiter in the output channel can be continuously adjusted.

Delay modules for all input and output channels have a delay time of up to 680ms.

Parameter settings between any channels can be freely copied, and any channel can be continuously adjusted.

Built-in test signal generator, pink noise, white noise and 20Hz-20kHz sine wave can be adjusted, signal amplitude can be adjusted.

Front panel with input and output level indicator, USB control port, back panel RJ232&RJ485 control port, one-touch connection makes user's operation easier and faster. With 30 user presets, the entire state and each preset can be stored and invoked separately. The ID setting function can control 250 machines in cascade, and also has password protectionfunction to make the device safer.

Product Description

ModelAP 24
Height in mm44 mm
Width in mm482 mm
Depth in mm205 mm
Net Weight in kg1.8 kg
Gross Weight in kg2.63 kg
Specification20 Hz~20k Hz.+
Frequency response-0.3 dBu
Dynamic range>110 dBu
Distortion<0.01% at 1k Hz(0 dBu)/ >70 dBu 20 Hz-20k Hz
Crosstalk>75 dBu 1k Hz
CMRRBalanced XLR connection
Input style+15 dBu/8k Ω
Max.input level/ImpedanceBalanced XLR connection
Output style+15 dBu/50 Ω
Max.output level/Impedance24 bit sigma-delta A/D、D/A conversion
Digital processing part32 bit Dsp.48k Hz sampling rate
DisplayLCD shows current parameters and all settings
Power supplyAC~95 V-250 V 50/60 Hz

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