MA5D(DANTE)/ MA5A(With amplifier)

Invention patent No.201921668987.9

Practical patent No.2019012268987.7

Appearance Patent No.2019011168987.5

Self-adaptive Intelligent Sound Reinforcement System by SOUNDKING for more easier teaching!

This system is a set of high-tech, multifunctional and intelligent indoor sound system specially developed by SOUNDKING for schools and various training institutions, which has obtained many national patents. Its system is composed of Intelligent Pickup Unit (Omni-directional Array Microphone), Speakers, Control Panel, etc. Teachers can walk around the room without a microphone to achieve clear and natural sound reinforcement. 4-6 speakers can be installed on the top of classrooms according to different sizes of classrooms to achieve the sound amplification and volume control of classrooms. It is also equipped with audio recording and playback function. Teachers can bring relevant recorded content to play in class, or record the contents of the class for students to review at home. Teacher can also check the quality of the lecture by themselves. The whole system has excellent sound reinforcement effect, clear voice and easy operation. This system can effectively protect the teacher's throat, which is a health project for teachers.

Built-in Bluetooth module, Bluetooth connection to mobile phone, Pad, etc., to achieve music playback function;

Six-in-One Functional Integration System

MA5D DANTE: Integrated mixer, audio processor, feedback suppressor, switch and array microphone, five equipments in one. Classroom sound amplification without cabinet installation, only one network cable for power supply, control and audio transmission.

MA5A with amplifier: Integrated mixer, digital amplifier, audio processor, feedback suppressor and array microphone, five equipments in one. With built-in 2*150W digital amplifier(4Ω), it can connect 4-8 classroom speakers through analog signal input.

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Remote, high-sensitivity pickup microphone

It can be adjusted by software with a sound pick-up range of 2-6m and has high resolution. Built-in auto gain, AM auto mix optimization features, allows you to adjust the strength of the received signal to maintain a consistent sound volume regardless of the distance between the speaker and the microphone.


Dual DSP audio processing core;

Built-in high-speed DSP processing chip, high dynamic AD and DA conversion, up to 96k sampling rate, low signal transmission delay, to ensure the consistency of sound and image.


Integration of multiple signal processing equipment

Built-in Input pre-amplifier, signal generator, extender, compressor,5-band PEQ, auto gain, auto mixing function.

Output channel: Speaker manager(31-band EQ, delay, divider, HF and LF filter, limiter)


Built-in AFC adaptive feedback elimination, AEC echo elimination, ANS noise elimination functions;

The automatic acoustic direction tracking microphone is equipped with advanced intelligent noise reduction, echo elimination and noise elimination technology, which can reduce the environmental noise to a low level.

In order to get a clear sound effect, and ultimately enable students to better understand the content.


Configure bidirectional RS232 interface; Connect the central control panel with USB recording and playing function

Through the central control panel, the power switch of adaptive microphone can be freely controlled and the volume can be adjusted. You can also record the teacher's speech through a USB flash drive, or play USB music.


gain difference between channels

Within ±0.5dB20Hz20KHz

amplitude-frequency response

Within ±0.5dB20Hz20kHz

SNR (A weighted)




THD with noise(A weighted)



phase difference between channels


dynamic range(A weighted)


input interface

2 12-core Phoenix plug, 1 3-core Phoenix plug, 1 USB2.0 interface

output interface

MA5A 2 sets of plug-type amplifier output interfaces

MA5D 6 POE network interface



sampling rate


net weight





input voltage

MA5AAC 176-264V 50/60Hz

MA5DAC 100-240V 50/60Hz

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