16-channel power controller Product 

Provide 16-way multi-function socket

Short circuit protection with bus open circuit breaker

The output port module has various power socket modules, which can be used as power controllers and power sequencers.

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1. Provide 16-way multi-function socket;

2. With bus open circuit breaker to achieve short circuit protection;

3. The output port module has various power socket modules, which can be used as power controller and power sequencer;

4. The output port can be controlled individually or completely through the panel buttons. The panel has 16 channel selection indicators and 16 channel status indicators.

5. Provide RS232 serial port, RS232 serial port and IO control interface, which can control the output port individually or completely;

6, can be locked and unlocked by the software command function;

7. Provide port 1-16 independent switch control command and timing switch control command;

8. Provide the delay setting of port 1-16 independent switch, which can set the delay time and sequence setting of the switch on site. The delay time can reach 15 hours (can delay the power off operation of the projector, etc.) ;

9, through the random software can be the device port control, ID settings, switch delay settings for each output port, interlock settings.


Input power: 220V~50Hz

Power input interface: live wire, neutral wire, ground wire, 3x4mm2 twin-core coaxial cable

Power output interface: modular output interface

Channel load output: single channel maximum output load 10A, the whole device maximum output load 40A

Switching Devices: Relays 30A/250V AC nom

Relay 30A/250V AC nom

Control input: 1 way RS232 serial port, 1 way RS232 cascade serial port, 1 IO full off, 1 IO full open

Control interface: 1 40A or 80A circuit breaker, 1 full open, full off button, 16 channel switch button, 16 channel status LED indicator

Operating environment: temperature range -5 ° C ― 40 ° C, humidity range 0 ― 90% RH

Use size: 89mm x 483mm x295mm (height x width x depth) 2U

Weight: net weight 4.5kg

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