W620M Product Introduction

> Hosts can be connected to a local LAN, willWIFI, can control the host anywhere anytime, unaffected by location, embedded web operating system, you can use mobile devices such as Android, IPAD, Iphone, Saiban and laptops and desktop computers, etc, can log into web control interface through IP address or scanning QR code, realize actual meeting control and video center settings, control terminal does not need the installaltion of third-party software, secure and flexible.

> Host has a high-sensitivity colorful TFT capacitor touch screen control, intuitive and easy-to-understand interface, eliminating short life of traditional mechanical buttons and the effect of dust.

> With 232, 485, network, USB and other communication interfaces,easy connection between host and central control, camera, video switch, computer, USB flash disk and other devices, enabling the conference system to meet the requirements of smart meetings without the need for additional equipment, increasing applicability of the conference system.

> The host has a variety of audio outputs and inputs,can be connected with USB flash disk, can make real-time recording of meetings,and can play audio files stored on USB disk at any time,it can also be connected to devices such as hard disk recorders and remote video terminals through auxiliary audio output and input.

> Host has video tracking function, can be connected directly with camera, realizing video tracking meetings,can set preset point via main touch screen, web page, host computer software, with screen freezing function making video display more stable. The system supports a variety of camera protocols, such as EVI-D70, Yaan, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, BRC-Z330, or customize special protocols.

> Host with video switching port, with HD video switcher,enabling the connections of the system to the camera to be extended to a maximum of 6. With open code and central control device, you can connect with more cameras to complete a variety of complex video conferencing.

> Host has a variety of mode selections, including first in first out, last in first out, discussion mode, automatic mode, chairman mode, fully open mode, the number of speakers can be selected between 1-12.

> There are two time limits, one is speech time, which automatically turns off when unit speaking time reaches preset time. the other one is conferencing time, when the entire meeting reaches preset time, the host stops all unit speeches, meeting the requirements of various debate sessions.

> The system has the function of voice-controlled unit opening,when microphone picks up sound it will automatically open unit, can adjust sensitivity and control the volume required to open microphone.

> The host uses ordinary 5 type network cable transmission, does not need special cables, eliminating the trouble caused by cables involved in wiring and maintenance.

> Host has 4 channels of mircophone connection, each channel supports 25 microphones, supporting a maxmium of 100 units.

> Each channel microphone interface of host has a ring power supply port, can realize ring power supply for microphones, ensuring the stability of large systems.

W620D/W620C Product Introduction

> Capacitive hyypercardioid microphone,achieve high quality sound and far pickup distance,interchangeable microphones can meet a variety of sound quality and maintenance requirements.

> Has headphone output port, can adjust volume through host.

> Can activate microphone through manual for unit activation; can also activate microphone via voice control, when microphone picks up sound it automatically activiates speech.

> Microphone pole has red lighting ring, when microphone is activated, red lighting ring shines, easily displaying current working status of the microphone.

> Powerful anti-cellphone signal interference design.

> Backlit display design, when the system is powered off, the microphone is simple and dashing, displays various parameters of the unit after the system is powered on.

> Microphone pole and base can be seperated, making the unit more suitable for transportation.

> The microphone interface has clasp locking function, effectively preventing network cable from loosening or falling.

W620C Product Introduction

> Chairman unit has control termination button, can stop speech of representative unit, the terminated representative unit can reactivate through manual or automatic mode.

> Chairman unit is not limited with regard to installation location, can be concatenated in any position on the line.

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Input and outputrepresentative chairman module interface: RJ-45-aviation connector (8) TCP/IP network interface: RJ45 (1)
Telephony coupler interfaceRCA socket (2) video switching interface: RS232 serial port (1)
Central control interfaceRS232 serial port (2) audio input: RCA socket (1)
Head control port:8P S terminal connector (1) 12P Phoenix connector (1) PC control interface: USB (1)
Audio outputXLR socket(1)  RCA socket(1)   recording interface: USB (1)
Power AC220V/50H
Maximum current consumption1A
Frequency response50Hz-20KHz (45Hz-20KHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio82dB (85DB)
Number of microphones110 (can be increased according to actual demand)
Installation19-inch standard cabinet

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