AK series Dante network amplifier, with analog /digital automatic backup switching function, the analog signal will switch automatically when there is a problem with the digital signal, ensuring that the signal is not terminated due to device failure. The product is divided into two channel and four channel two specifications, using Dante, AES digital audio input, 10 channel signal input can be matrix selection and mutual thermal backup, intelligent network monitoring, and center control. PFC switch power supply, high performance DSP sound control with FIR balance, AGC automatic overload protection, square wave self-load impedance suppression. Intelligent temperature control with overheat protection, constant resistance and constant pressure.

Optional functions: remote switch, center control shutdown, remote maintenance, sound channel backup, speaker intelligent control and others.

Applications: Acoustic systems in large government projects, large stadiums, cultural centers, etc.

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1. Digital transmission: Dante, AES digital signal transmission and control

2. Output power: rated output reaches 8000W, peak power > 20000W.

3. Power reserve: Switch power > 1200W, sufficient PFC regulator power supply, dynamic power factor.

4. Entire machine efficiency: 85%, high efficiency and energy saving.

5.Low frequency energy: Low frequency is thick and strong.

6. Pleasant sound quality: Use TD class H3 digital/analog line, dynamic class A amplification, Hi-Fi sound quality.

7. Sound effect settings: high performance 400MHz chip, DSP control sound effect, with FIR phase-free equalizer.

8. Signal Matrix: The input signal can be selected by a 10*4 matrix.

9.4.3 inch screen: High definition color screen, touch screen settings, easy to operate.

10. Intelligent protection: Intelligent soft protection automatic control system, micro-computer control, automatic adjustment.

11. Remote monitoring: Network intelligent remote monitoring system, which can control power amplifier parameters instantly.

12. Signal backup: Digital/analog audio signals can be backed up to each other, and auto hot switch.

13. Host-standby switching: Input and output of the '4 host-1 standby' amplifier system are automatically seamlessly switched.

14. Channel backup: thermal backup of input digital/analog signals, thermal switch of channel output power, uninterrupted operation

15.Remote switch: On the PC remote monitoring interface, remote soft on/off function can be implemented.

in/out channel 4
input signal matrix
output power(RMS)8Ω2000W
output power(RMS)4Ω3000W
output power(RMS)2Ω3000W
output power(RMS) bridge 8Ω4000W
output power(RMS) bridge 4Ω4000W
overall efficiency (8Ω)85%
input sensitivity0dB-15dB (Four channels can be adjusted independently)
input impedance20KQ(BAL/STEREO) 10KQ(UNBAL)
switching rate>30V/us
damping factor>200
SNR (A weighted)>.100dB
frequency response±05dB
gain:Electron attenuation diagram0dB  - 50d8  step 0.25dB
front panel UI4.3-inch TFT   LCD
rear panel connection1xRJ45(Ethernet port) 1xDante(Digital transmission)
rear panel connectionKE AUDIO  Software controlled over Ethernet
power operating voltageAC160V-260V/ S0Hz   Soft start/surge current limit:6A
dimension(W/H/D)483 mm x 88 mm x 475mm(Includes handle and rear support)
net weight16kg

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