Soundking Ranked 21st in the top 225 professional audio and musical instrument industry in the world

Time: 2020-11-19
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In September 2020, international authoritative magazine 'Music Trades' released the latest Global Top 225 Professional Audio and Musical Instruments Industry list. SoundKing achieved great success again, rising to 21st from 24th in 2019. Since then, SoundKing has been ranked as one of the top 30 performers in the global industry for five consecutive years.

American’s 'Music Trades'is one of the most authoritative professional magazines in the international audio and musical instrument industry. The 'Global Top 225 Audio and Musical Instrument Industry List ' published by the magazine every year is an influential list in the industry. It ranks the top 225 global audio and musical instrument products industry. The list includes the strongest competitive enterprises in the world's audio and musical instrument industry, and it has become an important symbol of status and strength of the company.

Soundking Ranked 21st in the top 225 professional audio and musical instrument industry in the world  Affected by the epidemic in 2020,the global audio and video industry is facing an unprecedented critical test. In the environment of the global economic downturn, SoundKing's ranking does not decline but rises, and its performance increases instead of decreasing. Once again, SoundKing proves its strength to the world and it is affirmed by the industry.

With 32 years of development, SoundKing has established a strong system integration industry chain in the field of audio and video intelligence with the advantages of domestic and foreign technology, talent, innovation, multi-series products, diversified industrial chain, international and domestic brand, domestic and foreign customers and market advantages, manufacturing scale and equipment advantages, R&D strength advantages, government cooperation resources and other advantages.  And this industry chain, to provide customers with a more complete overall solution of audio and video systems.

SoundKing will unswervingly work with strategic partners to build a community of destiny and interests, create a respected first-class international enterprise, and always strive towards the top 10 of the global professional audio and musical instrument industry! 

The sounds of the world, the advancing SoundKing!

Soundking is a globalised industrial Group focusing on engineering, production, marketing and installation of pro audio, digital cinema and other live performance related equipment.
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