Soundking hold theme activity--'Love in Soundking, together in Mid-Autumn Festival'

Time: 2022-09-09
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In September, we reunion together. With the advent of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to carry forward the traditional festival culture of the Chinese nation, enhance the happiness and sense of belonging of the majority of employees, and motivate the staff of Soundking to take the factory as the home of high morale, improve the cohesion and centripetal force of all employees, continue to carry forward one of the corporate culture of 'home' culture.

Soundking hold theme activity--'Love in Soundking, together in Mid-Autumn Festival'

On September 7, ' Love in Soundking, together in Mid-Autumn Festival ' activities in sound King gymnasium held smoothly, Chairman Wang Xianggui, executive president Chen Zhong and other relevant leaders attended the activities.

Soundking hold theme activity--'Love in Soundking, together in Mid-Autumn Festival'

Under the careful guidance of the specially invited pastry teacher and the dexterous efforts of every employee, the moon cakes in their hands became more and more exquisite. They shared and tasted the moon cakes with each other. The happiness of satisfaction and accomplishment intertwined on the faces of every employee. Everyone personally felt the mid autumn culture, experienced the traditional customs, reviewed the beautiful poem, and expressed the charm of the outstanding traditional culture of the Chinese civilization with actual action.

Ms. Chen made a speech that 'as a big family, Soundking has the obligation and responsibility to provide a warm platform and working environment for its employees to grow up, solve the worries of every employee, and ensure that they can work at ease, concentrate on work and achieve each other.

Soundking hold theme activity--'Love in Soundking, together in Mid-Autumn Festival'

Since Soundking establishment, it has been able to achieve all kinds of brilliant achievements, which is inseparable from every employee. Especially under the influence of the epidemic for three consecutive years, we all share a dream. With the confidence of Soundking and trust in each other, we have worked together to overcome difficulties, realized the adverse growth of enterprise development, and reflected the strong cohesion and fighting power of enterprises and employees! '

It is understood that for many years, Soundking has attached importance to people-oriented and wholeheartedly added a number of benefits to the staff. It has invested nearly 10 million yuan in the construction of staff welfare facilities such as staff canteens, staff dormitories and gymnasiums, and worked hard to improve the occupancy, working conditions and wages and benefits of employees. In recent years, Soundking has successively set up welfare policies such as subsidies for employees with difficulties and summer classes for employees' left behind children, so as to solve many problems and difficulties of employees and eliminate their worries.

Soundking hold theme activity--'Love in Soundking, together in Mid-Autumn Festival'

Soundking has always been committed to building a new type of 'home' culture. Through different ways of expression, it has enriched the cultural connotation given to Soundking by the new direction of development, which is also a concrete embodiment of the further integration of corporate culture and the spiritual outlook of grass-roots employees. Every employee is regarded as a member of the Soundking. In this big family, we always pay attention to the thoughts and life dynamics of employees, think about what employees think and do what employees want.

In the process of fusing the culture of 'strife' and 'care', he tried his best to motivate the system, support the work, guarantee the salary, care about life, and care about the mind, so as to form an atmosphere of 'Soundking concern for staff deeply, staff work for Soundking strenuously'.

At the same time, from the aspects of reconstruction of the facilities, creating of the atmosphere, education and training, welfare guarantee, supporting facilities, care for children, and donation of love, they should try their best to build a family culture full of care. In this way, not only was the Soundking a career platform for the growth of employees, but also a spiritual home to bear happiness and dream.

Soundking hold theme activity--'Love in Soundking, together in Mid-Autumn Festival'

Mid Autumn festival in September represents reunion and blessing. Through this activity, it reflects the humanistic care of Soundking for all employees, improves the emotional communication among colleagues, improves the fighting power and cohesion of employees, and strengthens the determination and confidence to work hand in hand, advance together, develop together and grow together with Soundking, so as to help the enterprise develop with high quality with practical actions!!

We always believe that accompanying and moving forward with gratitude will make the best Soundking and the best you!

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