Soundking Ranked 16st in the top 225 professional audio and musical instrument industry in the world

Time: 2021-11-18
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In November 2021, Music Trades, an international authoritative magazine, released the new list of top 225 professional audio product and musical instrument industries in the world. SOUNDKING Group has successfully become one of the top 20 companies in the global industry, ranking 16th in the world from 21st last year.

Soundking Ranked 16st in the top 225 professional audio and musical instrument industry in the world 

Music Trades, founded in New York in 1890, is a professional magazine in the international music products suppliers. It focuses on the changes of the international musical instrument and audio products market, makes objective analysis and authoritative reports on the worlds top manufacturers and distributors and their brands. And it publishes the ranking for the top 225 global professional audio product and musical instrument companies in the previous year every year.

 Soundking Ranked 16st in the top 225 professional audio and musical instrument industry in the world


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With the development of the times, the music products industry, like Darwinian's natural evolution law, had evolved to a higher level, and the shortlist was also changing. As one of the 225 leading music companies worldwide, after becoming one of the top 30 in the global industry for six consecutive years, SOUNDKING Group rose this year against the downward trend and made an all-out effort. It had successfully entered the top 20 in the global industry. It was a big step forward to achieve the SOUNDKING DREAM of becoming one of the top 10 in the global professional music products suppliers.

Witness strength with 'ranking'. The change of the top 225 list reflects the unremitting efforts of SOUNDKING. Since its establishment in 1988, SOUNDKING has gone through 33 years of changes and development, and now it has become one of the leading enterprises in the global audio and video intelligent integration industry.

Conquer the world with 'technology'. SOUNDKING takes a global market view and introduces the latest technology with a global R&D team as the link, leading the company to realize the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent manufacturer of the overall solution of audio and video systems from a single product sales, including smart education, smart public broadcasting, smart meetings, smart city, smart command center, smart digital cinema and other system integration industry chains which have always maintained industry advantages.

Affected by many factors such as the epidemic, and the global economy is not optimistic, the ranking of SOUNDKING has not fallen but has risen, which is the best proof of SOUNDKING strength. Technological innovation allows SOUNDKING products to always maintain a competitive advantage in the market, and receive many domestic and foreign orders; through years of overseas expansion, it has established in-depth cooperative relations with many overseas channels, and has more than 1,200 perennial customers, and this number is continuing climbing; through the establishment of overseas branches, the international business will be more localized, three-dimensional and refined, and a more complete operating system will be constructed.

33 years of focusing on achieving today's SOUNDKING, now SOUNDKING has been standing proudly on the top of the industry. More than ten national scientific research platforms and awards have settled in SOUNDKING. It has been awarded by multiple ministries and commissions, such as National Enterprise Technology Center, National Culture and Technology Convergence Demonstration Base, National Key High-tech Enterprise, National Post-doctoral Research Workstation, Academician Workstation, National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base, National Cultural Export Key Enterprise, China Quality and Integrity Enterprise, China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise and other honors. In addition, SOUNDKING was awarded the 'United Nations Industrial Development Organization Global Innovation Network SOUNDKING Industry Innovation Demonstration Base' by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, which effectively promotes SOUNDKINGs participation in international market integration cooperation and economic development and multi-field cooperation in countries along the 'Belt and Road'.

To be ranked 16th among the top 225 professional music products suppliers in the world this time, SOUNDKING is encouraged and full of confidence. Standing on a new starting point, SOUNDKING will stick to its original aspirations, insist on technological innovation, make existing products better and stronger, provide global customers with more comprehensive audio and video system overall solutions, and always move toward the global professional audio and musical instrument industry. The goal of the top ten keeps forging ahead, working hard for the early realization of the SOUNDKING DREAM and becoming a world-class enterprise!

Soundking is a globalised industrial Group focusing on engineering, production, marketing and installation of pro audio, digital cinema and other live performance related equipment.
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