Soundking Once Again Ranked in the Ningbo Brand Top 100 List in 2020 Brand Value RMB 3.42 Billion

Time: 2020-11-19
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Recently, the awarding ceremony of '2020 Ningbo Top 100 Brands' was held. With the increasingly mature brand influence, SoundKing won the honor again with the brand value of 3.42 billion yuan. Compared with 2019, the brand value of SoundKing rose steadily, from 3.39 billion yuan to 3.42 billion yuan.

'Ningbo Top 100 Brands list' is known as 'Oscar of Ningbo brand industry', which is jointly produced by Ningbo Business Development Research Association, brand strategy research group of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China market society, China brand research center and other domestic authoritative institutions, and has been released for 8 consecutive times since 2012.

Soundking once again included in top hundred Ningbo brand list  Brand value 3.39 billion RMB     As an audio and video product manufacturing enterprise born in Ningbo, SoundKing inherits the innovative spirit of ' dare to be the first in the world' of Ningbo business, actively promotes the construction of 'high-end brand', drives independent innovation with brand strategy, supports brand strategy with independent innovation, and provides sustainable impetus for enterprise development.

Soundking once again included in top hundred Ningbo brand list  Brand value 3.39 billion RMB

Since 2015, SoundKing has been listed in the 'Ningbo Top 100 Brands' for five consecutive years, which is the accumulation and precipitation of SoundKing in 32 years, and also the affirmation of SoundKing as a local brand in Ningbo. Over the past 32 years, SoundKing has built and acquired a number of international high-quality brands, expanded the product camp, improved the product field, and accelerated the growth of brand efficiency. From the early single product sales to become the audio and video system overall solution provider; From the manufacture of ordinary audio products to the development and integration of intelligent audio and video systems. By taking the traditional manufacturing industry on the fast train of digital development, the brand image and influence have been greatly improved, making SoundKing ranked 21st among the top 225 professional sound and musical instrument industries in the world! 

2020 is the SoundKings new 30 years of development. The outbreak of the epidemic makes the industry face many unknown difficulties and challenges. SoundKing goes against the trend, seeks innovation and breakthroughs, and tries online exhibitions, online live training, online sales and other ways to embark on a development path in line with the current economy.

As a global industry group integrating the research and development, production, sales, engineering design and installation of all kinds of digital sound system technology, SoundKing shoulders more responsibilities and heavy burdens. We adhere to professional focus and are not afraid of the future, and strive for the goal of 'top 10 global professional sound and musical instrument industry'!


Soundking is a globalised industrial Group focusing on engineering, production, marketing and installation of pro audio, digital cinema and other live performance related equipment.
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