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Dual Exhibition Synergy, Reaching New Highs! Soundking's Audio-Video System Solutions Lead the New Trend in the Audio-Visual Electronics Industry

May. 08, 2024

Soundking Responds to the Call of Seven National Ministries to Promote High-Quality Development of the Audio-Visual Electronics Industry.

From April 17th to 18th, the Soundking Audio-Video Science and Technology Achievements National Sales Exhibition (Beijing Exhibition) was grandly held.

This event coincided with the much-anticipated InfoComm China 2024where Soundking made a powerful appearance with its star products and cutting-edge solutions.

The synergy of the dual exhibitions provided attendees with an extraordinary audio-visual feast.


Soundking Audio/Video Technology Achievement Exhibition

At the Sales Exhibition, Soundking Unveils a Suite of Cutting-Edge Audio-Video Technologies

 The exhibition booth was a hub of innovation as Soundking presented a range of proprietary technologies that lead the industry both domestically and internationally. Meticulously designed experiences included:

An immersive audio system for a surround-sound experience.

A line array sound system, engineered for powerful and directional audio projection

The fifth generation of smart IoT display systems and adaptive audio amplification systems are specifically designed for classroom use.

A coaxial adjustable directional array sound system for precise audio targeting.

A smart conference system that integrates advanced audio-visual needs.

LED/LCD AI power distribution and detection devices for reliable system monitoring.

A video conferencing system that streamlines remote communication.

Project audio systems for public address and large venue applications.

Digital electronic products that push the boundaries of audio fidelity.

Professional karaoke systems for high-quality entertainment.

Audio accessories to complement a range of setups.

To provide visitors with a more intuitive sense of the product's charm, the sales exhibition has specially incorporated audio-visual and hands-on experience segments. Guests have the opportunity to personally experience the outstanding performance of the products and gain an in-depth understanding of Soundking's technical strengths. In addition, the event featured engaging keynote speeches, interactive lottery draws, and a gourmet dinner,

offering attendees a wealth of opportunities for exchange, to discuss industry trends and future prospects together.

During the exhibition tour, a steady stream of visitors were captivated by the elegance of Soundking's technologically innovative products. At the event, Soundking also grandly unveiled its strategic business

collaboration plan for the Soundking Group in 2024. The initiative aims to attract a greater number of high-quality partners through innovative business cooperation models, to jointly explore new markets and

achieve mutual benefits and shared success.

Next, Let's Review the Highlights of the Soundking Exhibition Tour with Our Editor!

Immersive Sound Audio System

Innovative technology is leading the way into the future. Soundking's immersive sound audio system, which is an international advancement and a domestic first, has once again set new industry standards. The system

employs Higher-order Ambisonics (HOA) sound field reconstruction algorithms and a technological implementation path that is leading in the world. It gives the sound a tangible form, perfectly recreating an immersive

three-dimensional sound experience.

AI Smart Tuning Engineer

Many customers have fallen in love with the SK46 Adaptive Soundfield Processor after experiencing it firsthand. This processor is a high-order real-time FIR (Finite Impulse Response) acoustic phase alignment device

based on Sinecore technology and implemented with FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) algorithms. It achieves a 4096-order phase alignment in real-time, optimizing the live sound reinforcement effect and

making the sound truly "what you see is what you get." It is the "ideal partner" that all system engineers have been longing for.

Line Array Sound System

Soundking's line array sound system has garnered unanimous praise from both new and existing customers for its outstanding performance. Notably, the new generation of dual twelve-inch three-way active

line array speaker the GL212A, has delivered an exceptional performance. This product features a design with neodymium magnetic drivers for high, mid, and low frequencies, equipped with a high-power

three-channel Class D amplifier. The surface is coated with a robust and wear-resistant black polyurethane coating. Its superior sound quality and innovative design ensure a perfect blend of transient response and

low-frequency reproduction.

AI Wired/Wireless Conference System

Countless visitors have shown interest in the AI Wired/Wireless Conference System, which represents the latest solution to transform traditional meetings. This system eliminates the need for a mixing console and

does not require constant attendance. It is capable of simultaneously powering up to 20 wireless microphones (A88 series) / 28 wired microphones (A66 series), with 4 LINE inputs,

and supports features such as remote control.

LED/LCD AI Power Distribution Detector

The highly acclaimed series of LED/LCD AI Power Distribution Detectors, known as the "physicians of display screens," has attracted many customers. These detectors can collect real-time waveform data from 

each circuit on-site and quickly compare and analyze it against a healthy database stored in the device's chip. If a significant error or unhealthy data is detected, the system will immediately issue

an early warning and alarm. This not only solves the long-standing issue of suboptimal health for LED/LCD display screens but also marks a transformative shift from passive maintenance to proactive prevention.

Fifth-Generation Classroom-Specific Smart IoT Display System / Classroom-Specific Adaptive Sound Pickup and Amplification System

At this exhibition, YINWANG also launched two new smart educational products, which have garnered widespread attention. The fifth-generation classroom-specific smart IoT display system integrates nano touch control,

LCD display and chalkboard writing into one, blending the traditional blackboard experience with smart interactive features. It offers low dust emission and high protection with smooth operation. The adaptive sound amplification system is a high-tech, multifunctional, and intelligently controlled audio system developed specifically for schools and various training institutions.

It has won several national patents. This system allows teachers to move freely around the classroom without carrying a microphone, achieving clear sound amplification.

Coaxial Beam Steering Array Sound System

The coaxial beam steering array sound system also made a profound impression on the attendees. This product features independent DSP control and supports various transmission methods, including the advanced

Dante technology. With a single sound system, it is easy to switch between different scene effects. It also incorporates built-in anti-howling technology, eliminating the need for monitor speakers, making it highly suitable for

a variety of mediums and small-scale sound reinforcement projects.

More Brands and Products under Our Umbrella


InfoComm Trade Show Scene

InfoComm China: A Prestigious Professional Audio-Visual and Integrated Experience Technology Exhibition

InfoComm China is a renowned professional exhibition in the industry, dedicated to audio-visual and integrated experience technologies. This year's event brought together the world's leading audio-visual and

integrated experience technologies, with the debut of several new products that integrate "AI + Professional Audio-Visual" capabilities.


As a Leading Enterprise in China's Audio-Video Integration Field, Soundking Has Been a Consistent Participant in the Exhibition for Many Years


Soundking, a pioneer in China's audio-video integration sector, has participated in the exhibition for several consecutive years. With its expertise in professional audio technology and a continuous spirit of

technological innovation, Soundking has become a highlight and a brand of great interest at the event. This time, Soundking is also invited to exhibit with its British brands CADAC (Cardiac) and

Studiomaster (Recording Master), as well as its international partner brand from Germany, KLING & FREITAG (K&F). The company is set to showcase the allure of "Chinese Technology" and

"Made in China" to a global audience.


Soundking's British Mixing Console Brand CADAC, Synonymous with High-Quality Audio Mixing Consoles for Over 50 Years, Holds the Prestigious Title of the "Rolls-Royce" in the World of High-End Mixing Consoles

At this year's InfoComm China exhibition, CADAC created an immersive sound experience hall of over 100 square meters, showcasing its star products: the MAP series, a dedicated immersive sound processor for theaters;

the CP series, a versatile immersive sound processor; the innovative digital mixing console CM-J50; and the adaptive sound field processor. These products garnered keen attention and recognition from the audience

as soon as they were unveiled.


This event not only showcased Soundking's strong capabilities and innovative achievements in the field of audio and video to the outside world but also, through exchanges and cooperation with industry peers,

garnered a multitude of interested customers and achieved complete success.