BWT-135 Foldable Lift-Up Commercial Screen

Integrating leading-edge LED fine-pitch technology and an intelligent Android system, the AIoT intelligent LED display system is widely used in government and enterprise meetings, information dissemination, exhibitions, biomedicine, education and training, star-rated hotels, private cinemas, and clubs, among other fields.


a) Standard 2K (1920*1080) high-definition display, ultra-thin design (25mm), 6000:1 high contrast ratio, fine image quality, low brightness, high gray scale, 8-level adjustable brightness;

b) Equipped with Android 9.0 system, featuring a quad-core CPU, high-performance GPU, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage, supporting plug-and-play USB, easy operation;

c) Built-in startup tutorial guide, customizable startup screen, main interface background with various styles to adapt to different scenarios, OTA online upgrades for continuous improvement in user experience;

d) Supports wireless screen mirroring (up to nine devices) and multiple signal source inputs, and is suitable for installing video conferencing software for meeting functions, with a high refresh rate suitable for broadcast-quality photography and video recording;

e) Industry-first inward folding technology, comprehensive screen protection, base can achieve 65cm collision avoidance, supports remote control, app, and control panel for lifting operations;

f) Foldable for elevator transport, can be unboxed in 2 minutes, single-wire load-bearing, one-button power on/off, 0.5W standby power consumption, supports remote control, central control intelligent terminal control, simple and convenient;

g) Custom full-range speakers, 82dB high sensitivity, 120Hz cabinet tuning, 20-20KHz ultra-wide frequency response for extraordinary audio experience;

h) Rich and compatible interfaces: USB, HDMI input/output, RJ45 network port, Bluetooth remote control, supporting multiple network transmission methods such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.