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Bregenz Arts Centre

The Bregenz Arts Centre is a large, comprehensive arts centre with a total capacity of 12,500 spectators for all forms of artistic performance, including the Bregenz Lake Stage, the Bregenz Theatre, the Bregenz Theatre Workshop (experimental theatre), the Lake Stage Little Theatre, the Lake Stage Studio, the Bregenz Art Theatre, the Kornplatz Theatre, the KOSMOS Theatre and the Little Park Theatre. The lake stage, with its beautiful and unique design, has become the image of the Bregenz Festival.


The Bregenz Lake Stage is the largest and most beautiful stage in the world. Located on the shores of Lake Constance, the Bregenz Lake Stage is a picturesque venue. Every two years, the local authorities spend huge amounts of money and resources to build a new stage to meet the demands of the world's best opera productions. 


Kling & Freitag speakers have been used on the Lake Stage since 1999, and in 2004 the technical equipment on the Lake Stage was updated once again - the Bregenz Open Acoustic (BOA) system. This system is the first attempt to experiment with the wave field synthesis principle to create a more realistic listening experience. The client required more than 800 high-performance speakers around the auditorium, and after a competition between several suppliers, Kling&Freitag won the project with 812 customized CA 408 P II speakers.


The lake stage, which is replaced every two years, also uses a large number of Kling&Freitag classic speakers, considering the stage effect, these speakers are very cleverly hidden in the stage set, these stage hidden installation of speakers mainly include: ACCESS series of T5/T9 full-range array speakers and B5/B10 subwoofer; LINE 212 line full-range speakers; CA series of 1515, 1215 and other models of speakers, these classic speakers are fully capable of long-distance high-quality sound reinforcement needs of the lake stage. Nearly 1,000 Kling & Freitag loudspeakers were used to create a sound reinforcement system of this scale, the goal of which was to create a concert hall-quality acoustic environment on an outdoor stage. Kling & Freitag's SEQUENZA10 line array system was also purchased by the Festspielhaus in Bregenz for mobile use and various sound reinforcement situations.


Bregenz Arts Centre

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 Bregenz Arts Centre

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