Portable 6.5” Three-way Line Array System

Time: 2019-05-14
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LT06M is a set of portable active speaker system perfect for road show and fixed installation. A set of standard system includes 2pcs high power active subwoofer and 6pcs compact line array speakers; electronic part is placed within bass cabinet to simplfy internal wiring and system maintenance; 3 channel power amplifier featuring maximum power 2300W is motivated by a factory DSP module which supports both computer remote control and multidevice online control.

Bass cabinet is specially designed to store the full range speaker. By doing so transport and relevant costs are cut down dramatically.

LT06M has excellent acoustic performance. featuring good linear technology, full range speakers can be easilly piled up to form a line array system. Besides, LT06M provides a good variety of mounting accessories whether it be singe or multiple-system. 


1. Active subwoofer with built-in 3 channels power amplifier has maximum 2300W of total power and supports computer remote control.

2. Bass cabinet is specially designed to store the full range speaker for transport, which greatly reduces the packing size and relevant costs. 

Utility Model Patent:201420262209.0

Dual 6.5” line array system LE206 features electronic crossover network and two-way system. LF unit includes 2pcs 6.5' NdFeB cone speakers and 1.8' high performance voice coil to provide powerful bass effect; HF unit includes 1pc φ50England imported NdFeB compression driver and high-frequency plain wave gen-erator to obtain flat and extensive frequency response and accurate directional characteristic.

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