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Suzhou Bay Culture and Arts Center

Suzhou Bay Culture and Arts Center has a total land area of about 10.7 hectares, a total construction area of about 200,000 square meters, and a total project investment of 2.7 billion. It includes two projects, Suzhou Grand Theatre and Wujiang Expo Center. The main functions of Suzhou Grand Theatre include a grand theater, a small theater and an IMAX hall and several movie screening halls.

The Suzhou Bay Cultural Center project was designed by the French architectural firm Bauzenbach, which uses beautiful curves to outline the contours of the main body of the building, reflecting the artistic and ornamental nature of the Suzhou Bay Cultural Center building, which is very contemporary and international standard, and cleverly integrates the local cultural elements of Suzhou, echoing with the Reading Lake Terrace, forming a distinctive personality and creativity among the elements of the green axis of Taihu Lake New City. When completed, it will become a showcase for cultural and artistic activities, a conference center, and an important landmark for the entire Taihu Lake New City.


Suzhou Bay Culture and Arts Center

Suzhou Grand Theatre's Opera House and Concert Hall both use German Kling&Freitag (K&F) speakers as a sound reinforcement system. The opera house mainly uses the classic ACCESS T5 and Line212 series speakers, these two series of speakers are also the most popular fixed installation products of K&F, with excellent sound quality and stability, the subwoofer is the NOMOS series, driven by D series amplifiers.

Suzhou Bay Culture and Arts Center

ACCESS T5  speaker

Suzhou Bay Culture and Arts Center 

Line212 speaker

Considering that the Grand Theatre may also be held in different styles and requirements of the performance, also prepared a set of mobile line array system for emergencies, the popular SEQUENZA 10 series dual 10-inch line array became the final choice, the system with a total of 24 full-range line array plus 8 dual 18-inch NOMOS subwoofer, also driven by D series amplifiers.

 Suzhou Bay Culture and Arts Center

SEQUENZA 10 line array speaker


The concert hall, for the first time in China, uses Kling&Freitag's (K&F) newly launched SPECTRA 212 variable array loudspeaker in 2018.SPECTRA 212 is a compact 3-way high-performance full-range speaker with a very high-performance best possible dispersion angle in a compact form factor.

The SPECTRA 212 delivers an uncommon sound experience. The sound is delivered to the listener in all its glory, without distinction. The large dynamics and high sound pressure can easily handle any occasion, from a small band performance to a large PA system, maintaining an absolutely excellent sound in any environment.

With its compact size and light weight of 48kg, two people can casually set up the SPECTRA 212. The cabinet size and weight are half that of a conventional horn system, but the sound output is the same. Then the SPECTRA 212 requires nearly half the volume of cargo.

In point source mode, a single SPECTRA 212 has a horizontal angle of 60° vertical angle of +5/-25°, which allows the SPECTRA 212 to be used as a single high-performance full-range. The asymmetrical vertical coverage angle is aligned exactly by audience proximity, reducing excess roof reflections.

In linear source mode, the horizontal angle of a single SPECTRA 212 is 30° and the vertical angle is 60°. With the external cabinet angle and integrated concealed connection mechanism, up to six SPECTRA 212 made arrays can be horizontally clustered and then hung. The system can be adapted to the requirements, depending on the angle to be covered and the maximum sound pressure level.

 Suzhou Bay Culture and Arts Center

SPECTRA 212 Variable array speakers

Suzhou Bay Culture and Arts Center

Linear and point source switching with the Vari Q system

linear source

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