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Soundking LED surround-screen speakers stationed in Liangshan State Emergency Command Center

In order to improve the social early warning system, effectively respond to various risks, protect people's lives and property, and maintain social stability, it is imperative to establish a highly intelligent emergency command center that integrates communication, command and dispatch.

In order to establish an efficient, safe and stable command system, the Liangshan State Emergency Command Center went through many times screening, fieldwork and comprehensive strength inspection, and Soundking emerged as the overall system solution provider for the Liangshan State Emergency Command Center, designing an integrated system solution with professional sound reinforcement system, digital conference system and HD recording system for the command hall, 60-person conference room, 90-person conference room, 300-person conference room and other functional areas.

Recently, Liangshan Emergency Command Center has been officially put into use, and Soundking audio and video system has been successfully put into use. As an important part of the command center, the selected sound reinforcement system, conference system and recording system have today's high technical level and effect.

Soundking LED surround-screen speakers stationed in Liangshan State Emergency Command Center

Command Hall

The audio reinforcement system of the command center of this project adopts Soundking's latest independently developed surround-screen array speakers (the number of speakers reaches 28), specially tailored for the command center LED screen (pixel pitch 1.25mm, total area of 120 square meters), audio and video integration of the LED special surround-screen coaxial adjustable beam array audio system. After more than 5 years of research and development, testing and various high-intensity testing, Soundking has successfully completed the LED surround-screen surround-sound system solution, and won 10 international technology patents. LED special surround-screen coaxial adjustable beam audio system, become a combination of audio and video integration, the end of the LED screen in the market alone, to solve the technical problems of audio and video playback can not be synchronized, can not be integrated with the same frame. The speaker system technology is successfully put into use in the project of Liangshan State Emergency Command Center, with a number of significant industry innovations, filling the industry gaps at home and abroad, and won the praise of industry experts and owners during the project acceptance.

Innovation 1: the speaker and LED display to achieve the "same frame" - change the traditional speaker partition management, multi-point distribution of the layout, to achieve the sound of the scene without the cabinet, does not affect the original layout of the decoration, the overall appearance, neat, with a sense of technology, mystery;.

Innovation 2: audio and video signals achieve "synchronization" - sound and image synchronous transmission, all audio sources from the same direction, sound image overall consistency, sound and image synchronization and meet the direct sound technology requirements, beam horizontal coverage width angle of 90 °, vertical coverage angle can be freely adjusted between ± 45 °, electronic beam adjustable directivity technology, the perfect solution to the sound field coverage uneven and other issues.

Innovation 3: the speaker is concentrated on the "same plane " - sound field concentration control, with plane wave, beam adjustable algorithm, the same plane, accurate sound directivity, sound field distribution.

Innovation 4: sound broadcast with the “same plane” of the LED screen around - the use of plane wave acoustic design, changing the traditional audio sound reinforcement technology phase interference, reduce room reflection, reduce reverberation, improve the overall sound clarity, to achieve point, surface, array of integrated full coverage, to achieve sound waves adaptive technology.

Innovation 5: the entire command center using the "same specifications " of the speaker - speaker array to form a line of sound sources can make the sound wave radiation farther, high utilization of sound power, strong interoperability, high compatibility.

Innovation 6: each speaker installed " same kind " of 16 one inch, 8 four inch hi-fi speaker - each hi-fi speaker has 16 independent bandwidth amplifier DSP processing, the same specifications, the same model, digital DANTE signal, array of two-way coaxial design, HF transducer of high-frequency mixing frequency. There is no sound interference and there is no need to worry about meeting interruptions.

The above six "same" technology, composed of a new, professional, complete, independent, synchronous, perfect command center innovative sound reinforcement system, from the traditional "engineering to engineering" design model, and the use of "engineering to art" design concept, the perfect combination of technology and art, the combination of humane and technology, the maximum to meet the "humane" use needs, for the existing huge stock of market transformation and the development of emerging output has created an unpredictable bright market prospects.

Soundking LED surround-screen speakers stationed in Liangshan State Emergency Command Center

As the core of the sound reinforcement system, the choice of mixer is particularly important. Soundking's British mixer brand Cadac has been the embodiment of high-quality audio mixing consoles, known as the mixer "Rolls-Royce". The use of the mixer is CADAC's CDC5 digital mixer, favored by many high-end art performance venues, such as the British National Theatre, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Hebei Arts Center, etc., but also for the APEC meeting in Beijing, Xiamen BRICS Summit, etc. to provide security. High-quality amplifier input and unique parameters of equalization, with similar mixers can not be compared to the outstanding sound quality and stability, good performance and compact size can easily cope with a variety of occasions.

Digital conference unit selected for the latest development of Soundking, repeatedly used in government meetings, digital-mode dual display, digital-mode dual backup digital conference system, using international patented technology, analog lines and hand-held lines dual pickup design, two lines completely independent, non-interference, mutual backup, super anti-mobile phone RF interference, to protect the high reliability of the meeting. High-sensitivity microphone core provides high-quality sound pickup; high-resolution capacitive touch screen can receive short messages and send commands to the backstage to achieve front and backstage communication; with sign-in, voting, scoring and other functions.

Paperless: high precision and confidentiality, efficient conference

Paperless conference system, optimize and transform the traditional conference process, reduce the use of paper documents through IT technology, and realize the basic functions of conference. For emergency rescue meetings of production safety and natural disasters, work meetings of major disasters headquarters, work meetings of fire, drought and flood disasters, geological disaster prevention and control meetings, etc., the paper-free electronic office system and a large amount of cloud storage space are provided. At the same time, the meeting can be emptied at the end of one-click to ensure the safety of the meeting and realize the double advantages of environmental protection and safety.

Conference recording: HD recording, record the excitement

Conference recording system, through the deployment of conference recording server to achieve the conference process of live broadcast, HD recording, scheduling and decision review, large-capacity storage and other functions. It supports multiple video formats input, solves the demand of recording and broadcasting with HD and SD video coexistence in conference rooms, and provides comprehensive recording and internal live sharing for emergency command center to prepare emergency plan planning meeting, disaster prevention and mitigation meeting, training meeting, etc.

60-person conference room

Audio amplification system The main amplifier uses a sound column system with high sound clarity. By switching the audio system, it can be used as a conference room alone, for video conferencing, and for audio interconnection with the command hall, as a branch office.

Match with professional monitor speaker, with two-way design, strong, full sound pressure, comfortable sound, stable and reliable. Specialized frequency response design for the human ear's auditory characteristics ensures the durability of hearing, even if you experience it for a long time, it is not easy to get irritated.

The video display system adopts 1.86mm small pitch LED screen, which supports multi-screen splicing, high brightness and low grayscale, uniform color, seamless splicing, strong overall viewing effect and blue light eye protection, the screen adopts pre-maintenance, safe and convenient.

90-person conference room

Audio system adopts column speaker audio system, the SPL of the meeting room is high and evenly covers each seat in the whole room. The digital conference unit has high sensitivity and good restoration, and the long TFT screen on the back can also display the identity or name of the participants. The conference room can be used alone to hold a video conference, and it can be interconnected with the command hall audio and used as a branch.

The selected intelligent conference host, to achieve CD-level sound quality effect, the host front panel is equipped with a 3.5-inch color capacitive touch screen, can be centralized control and management of all conference functions, Chinese and English menu, super anti-mobile phone interference capability, never generate noise when calling, the system has automatic detection function, can timely find system failure; system with line power " Hot-plug" function, the security and stability of the system is strongly guaranteed.

The video display system is consistent with the design of the 60-person conference room, using 1.86mm small pitch LED, supporting multi-screen splicing, high brightness and low grayscale, uniform color, seamless splicing, strong overall viewing effect and blue light eye protection, the screen uses pre-maintenance, safe and convenient.

300-person conference room

The conference room covers an area of 470 square meters, is the main place to hold large meetings, performances and so on. In order to meet the multi-functionality of the conference hall, Soundking sound reinforcement system selected G series line array speakers, two-way system, by two 44mm tweeter compression units and two 8-inch woofers constitute a dynamic margin of great combination, and greatly reduce the weight of the cabinet to provide a very high sound pressure / volume ratio. A plane wave converter converts the high frequency sound waveform from a spherical wave to an equal-phase plane wave, greatly reducing the high frequency interference effect and greatly improving the clarity of the sound at a distance. At the same time combined with an exponential curve constant finger to the horn, producing a consistent wave front surface. The enclosure is trapezoidal, the gap between the cabinet has been reduced to a minimum, thus reducing the invalid sounding area of the whole array, minimizing the vertical side valve of the array. The cabinet is equipped with a precision aluminum alloy flying system, the connection angle between the cabinet can be adjusted between 0°- 6° by the connecting rod on the back of the cabinet, to meet the needs of different occasions. The surface o is wear-resistant black gold sand paint. 2 embedded handle installed on both sides of the speaker, easy to carry.

Soundking LED surround-screen speakers stationed in Liangshan State Emergency Command Center

Digital mixer selected by the soundking compact digital mixer, compact size, simple interface, professional mixing effect, both in a professional performance on the ability to play outstanding, but also to fully meet the inexperienced users to provide powerful effect. Comprehensive high-end hardware / touch slide control and iPad remote control operation advantages. Built-in 8 effects with reverb, delay, modulation and GEQ. (20 input channels) 12 professional mic and 2 stereo and professional digital signal input ports, 16 buses include 8 custom analog and digital output ports. Provide users with a variety of configuration options, while two USB ports are installed for playback, recording, scene storage and iPad remote access, respectively.

The video display system also adopts 1.86m small pitch LED display, with high brightness and low grayscale, uniform color, strong overall viewing effect and blue light eye protection. The system supports multi-screen seamless splicing, to meet the video conference local screen and remote screen display at the same time, the screen using pre-maintenance, safe and convenient.

Soundking emergency command solutions, converge multi-system wisdom, for the emergency management command center to coordinate all kinds of resources, effective integration of the region's scattered emergency relief resources and forces, focusing on key areas such as production safety, fire safety, geological disaster prevention and control, flood control and anti-Taiwan, build up a highly efficient operation of daily supervision and emergency dispatch system, to provide support for the construction of a unified command, responsive, up and down linkage, combined with the emergency command system, effective response to all types of emergencies.

Over the past 34 years, Soundking is committed to audio and video system integration, software integration design and implementation of project solutions, from intelligence to wisdom, has undertaken a number of major domestic and international audio and video engineering projects, by peers and domestic and international experts praise, and powerfully promote the overall audio and video system solutions of Soundking to continue to move forward the pace of development.

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