The system consists of an intelligent sound pickup machine (multi-directional array microphone), an array pickup microphone sub-machine, a speaker, and a panel-type control processor. Teachers can walk freely in the classroom without the need for a microphone to achieve clear and natural voice amplification.

Depending on the size of the classroom, 2-4 speakers can be installed to achieve good sound reinforcement effect. 

The system can be controlled manually using the control panel, which also has USB audio recording and playback functions. Teachers can play related recordings during class or record the class content for students to review at home or for the teacher to check the quality of their teaching. 

The system has clear voice, convenient operation, and excellent sound amplification. It is a special green and healthy project created by the SoundKing to protect the teacher's throat.

Application: Classroom Specialized

Product Description


MA5C is an adaptive integrated machine that integrates a mixer, digital amplifier, audio processor, switch, and feedback suppressor. It meets the different needs of high-quality sound systems in intelligent classrooms and various conference venues.


1.Built-in processor can equalize, filter, and suppress microphone signals, with signal processing functions such as AFC, AEC, and ANC;

2.Built-in 2*150W (4) Q digital amplifier, can connect 4-8 teaching speakers through analog signal input;

3.The main unit is wall-mounted for quick installation and debugging;

4.It can be controlled through the central control panel or mobile app, and can be switched and adjusted conveniently.


CP88 is a panel control processor that works with the adaptive integrated machine to achieve recording and playback functions, meeting the different needs of high-quality sound systems in smart classrooms, various meetings, and other places.


1. 3.5-inch (resistive touch) 5-26V voltage;

2. Built-in Cortex-M3 + high-speed FPGA, dual-core processor;

3. Communication with PC through network port, debugging and monitoring equipment; 

4.Equipped with an RS485 communication interface, it can be connected to other central control devices;

5. With the adaptive all-in-one machine, the volume can be adjusted;


PJ06 is a coaxial plastic case multi-directional suction (hanging) ceiling speaker. It consists of five 1-inch neodymium magnetic dome tweeters and one 6.5-inch neodymium magnetic mid-bass unit to form a combination with a large headroom.

The high-frequency coaxial arc array is arranged above the mid-bass driver, resulting in more accurate sound positioning, reduced reflection from walls and floors, and even sound field coverage.

The product is fully independently designed and has applied for a patent. The sound quality is clear, bright, thick, and full, and it can be installed by hanging from the top or by semi-hidden top locking. It can be perfectly applied to various indoor sound reinforcement occasions.


1.The enclosure is made of high-strength plastic and has a beautiful appearance;

2.The speaker components are made of imported materials. The high-frequency driver uses HiFi-grade neodymium magnet ball heads to bring high-fidelity sound quality;

3.It can be installed by hanging from the top or by semi-hidden top locking and is perfectly suitable for various indoor sound reinforcement occasions;

Woofer: 1 x 6.5 inches / φ38mm voice coil / neodymium magnet / 120W / 8Ω

Driver: 5 x 1 inch / φ25mm voice coil / neodymium magnet / 10W / 2Ω

Product size: 330×391×220mm

Product net weight: 5kg

Package size:475*415*300mm

Product gross weight: 7kg

Box quantity: 1


Wireless Handheld Microphone


1.Three wireless transmission modes: 2.4G, UHF, and IR infrared, seamlessly combined for use;

2.Full digital transmission, DSP signal processing, digital debugging, and intelligent management;

3.Fully intelligent charging management, with wireless charging function, long battery life, and zero maintenance;

4.Intelligent sensing, mute when put down, speak when picked up, automatically standby after no use for a certain period;

5.Equipped with a microphone, laser pointer, and wireless PPT page turning functions all in one;

6.The OLED display screen clearly shows system status and parameters;

7.Automatic muting, fast voice recovery, suitable for noisy environments;

8.TypeC charging and data interface;

9.Beautiful appearance and comfortable grip.

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