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Vocal clearness is essential for the theater loudspeaker, but the average loudspeaker has high proportion of reverb decreasing the vocal clearness, and HF attenuation in far field affecting the tone, and inconstant directivity. Non-coaxial speaker cabinet has HF&LF interference, obvious comb filtering. TS series is specially designed by US experts David W.Gunness and Stephen J.Siegel for large/medium theater reinforcement. The series consists of TS-33 and PTS-66 for far field and middle field individually, dual 18”subwoofer TS-SUB, near field loudspeaker TS-DF,  filling loudspeaker TS-UF. To improve the vocal clearness, the main loudspeaker uses horn cabinet design, coaxial LF & HF completely deleting the sound interference. The glass fiber constant directivity horn is equipped with 3” Nd compression driver to ensure the high resolution. The near field loudspeaker is designed with trapezoidal enclosure and 35 degree coverage. Except the subwoofer, each loudspeaker has 16 M10 flying points to ensure reliable suspension.

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