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The only enterprise in the industry achieved 10 national honors and awards

时间: 2018-11-21
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With its highly skilled R&D team, Soundking is well known of its industrial innovative technology. In 2015, Soundking was jointly recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology as the 'National Enterprise Technology Center '.

To help promote national cultural industry,  Soundking has developed a series of products  and was awarded 'National Model Base for Cultural Industry' by the Ministry of Culture.


Soundking R&D team has developed several innovative technologies over the years and formed many core proprietary intellectual properties, thus winning the title of 'National Key High-Tech Enterprise'.

“Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Culture” is another award given to Soundking to recognise its contribution towards national cultural industry, with innovative technology. 


'Postdoctoral Programme'. Soundking works with universities, offering workplace opportunities for postgraduates and doctors

“Academician Workstation” , was given to Soundking in 2017, the first ever workstation in our industry. The Group and State R&D institution works hand in hand, focusing on scientific and technological combined research and development project. Mr. Wei Dunshan, academician of China Academy of Engineering, joined with Soudnking to establish the Workstation together.


“National Key Enterprise of Culture Export” is jointly declared by the Ministry of Commerce, the Publicity Department of China, the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the General Administration of Press and Publication.

“China Top 20 of Electronic Audio Industry” Soundking played a vital part in the national Electronic Audio Industry and was highly appraised for its achievement and contribution.


Soundking has always adhered to its quality policy of “keep improving, pursue excellence”. With products being exported to more than 90 countries and regions, Soundking  implemented quality management and provided satisfactory products and services to global consumers, thus titled as “China Quality&Integrity Enterprise”.

“China Model Enterprise of Export Quality and Safety” is an upgraded version of 'Export Exemption from Inspection', which is the highest honor in the product export field, awarded by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China. With its leading position in domestic industry, Soundking was honoured to have such award.


Soundking is a globalised industrial Group focusing on engineering, production, marketing and installation of pro audio, digital cinema and other live performance related equipment.
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