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27 Years’ History Of Soundking

  • 1988-1995
  • 2000-2003
  • 2005-2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011-2012
  • 2013-2014
  • 2015


The fall of 1988,

The former of Soundking named East Lake Audio Equipment Factory was found.And have about Ten employees,main in assembly XLR. XLR.


August 1989,

renamed Yinxian broadcasting equipment factory,66 employees,

expand production of various types of audio connectors,engineering junction boxes,

cable cars and so on.

1995 April

April 1995,

renamed Ningbo Dongfang broadcasting equipment plant,306 employees, expand the production of wire,

cable, wire, plastic plugs.


May 2000,

changed its name to Ningbo Yin Wang Electronics Co., Ltd., employees 596 people,

expand production of professional speakers,amplifiers, tube microphone,

a large bracket and stage lighting desk,AJ series engineering boxes.


2002, held its groundbreaking for Soundking’s Industrial City.


In 2003,

the Science and Technology Ministry Torch Center

competitions soundking "National High-Tech Enterprises."

2005 January

January 2005,

ranked as provincial high-tech research and development centers.

2005 October

October 15, 2005,

185,000 square meters Soundking Industrial City completed and renamed King Music Group,

the staff has reached more than 2,000 products

have been covered eight major series over 4000 varieties.


2008,Soundking Serve for more than 30 venues sound engineering,Known as the "Olympic lifeline"

2008 March

March 2008,

the successful acquisition of the world-renowned brand Studiomaster (recording masters).

2008 December

In December 2008,

and competitions for the 2008 annual industry quality products.

2009 January

In January 2009,

the successful acquisition of the world-renowned brand mixer Cadac (Cadic).

2009 October

October 2009,

the successful acquisition of the world-renowned brand Carlsbro (Carlsberg).

2009 October

October 2009, ranked as Zhejiang patent model enterprise.

2009 December

In December 2009,

the 2009 entertainment equipment industry quality products.


2010, Soundking participate in the Shanghai World Expo,China Pavilion,

Theme Pavilion audio equipment designated suppliers.Become the supplier of China Pavilion,

Theme Pavilion audio equipment designated.

2010 November

November 2010,

Soundking named by the Ministry of Culture

officially :"National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base."

2010 December

In December 2010,

it was named the 2010 entertainment equipment industry quality products.

2011 April

April 2011,

Wang became the World Horticultural Exposition sound global partners develop brand stereo.


2011, Soundking commitment to national

Torch Program "adjustable directional coaxial speakers."


2012, was named "Zhejiang enterprise technology center."

2012 May

May 2012,

King Music won the "2011 China Entertainment industry 20 enterprises".


2013, commitment to national science and technology to enhance the project "Study of large digital mixer means" to fill the Chinese localization of digital mixer technology gaps,is a world leader.

In 2013, under the state special fund project

"Digital wide visual theater three-dimensional sound playback

2013 December

December 2013,

be named as“ year 2013 the judges entertainment

equipment industry quality products”.

2014 June

In June 2014,

becoming the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of Culture Auditorium strategic partner.


2014 15.1 panoramic sound domestic first

multifunction digital cinema experimental base,

the construction of the largest electro-acoustic enterprises 15.1 panoramic sound experience center.

2015 April

April 2015, the US magazine "music business"

global instruments and audio products industry rank in 36.

In June 2015, under the state science and technology support project "stage auditory integration technology and

systems"To fill gaps in the industry,

entered a substantive stage.

2015 August

In August 2015,

approved the establishment of a national

Soundking post-doctoral research station.

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