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This theater is designed to work as a multi-functional cinema, satisfying purpose of Sound-reinforcement and daily meeting requirements.
This brings us difficulties in installation. We need to satisfy the need of cinema sound effect, in the meanwhile fulfilling the demand of vocal clearness due to the meeting application.
On the side of sound reinforcement system, soundking team adopts the TS Coaxial series two-frequency Loudspeaker TS66, covering the whole area with left, middle and right channels. When TS66 is under the mode of external-frequency division, after accurate and attentive debugging, it may reach a total SPL over 141 dB.
Not only with the extreme high SPL, Soundking team strives also for the accurate calculation of the installation height, to ensure a basically same coverage of sound pressure within the whole theater. Classical TS-SUB series of double 18”ultra low frequency loudspeaker is adopted to strengthen the low-frequency settings, so the whole set of sound reinforcement is configured to be a standard three- frequencies Loudspeaker system.
TS66 Main speaker

8” two way passive loudspeaker
TS-DFH      8” two way passive loudspeaker
TS-SUB      18” passive subwoofer
AA1600 dual-channel amplifier
AA3500 dual-channel amplifier

Signal processing
AP8080 audio matrix
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With a clear and strong sound effect, durable product quality, the whole system creates a perfect sound effect. Everybody listening to this gives applauses. We fulfill customer’s requirement of building a modern facility for people of new generations.
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