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Changchun China Film Cinema is the first 4k large-format cinema featuring DOLBY ATMOS in Changchun. As an international first-class cinema, it blends wide horizon, high brightness and viewing effects, providing the audience with splendid audio-visual enjoyment. The cinema encompasses a total of 9 video halls, which can accommodate 1000 people for one occasion. All 9 halls adopt Soundking cinema equipments, among which hall 5 features with DOLBY ATMOS that requires very high sound-reproduction technique. Loudspeakers are designed to be with a full-coverage directivity so as to cover the entire auditorium. Realizing that asks for strict technical parameter of itself and high engineering skills.
Experienced project engineering team soon creates a set of tailored solutions based on this particular cinema environment. Soundking’s FC5 series external 3 way speaker system and FC418S high power 3D cinema subwoofer are adopted for this project. The whole system is motivated and supported by soundking’s core product---The audio processor APC870, empowering this set of sound-reproduction with high-fidelity, low distortion and full-dynamics . Cost-effective configuration and high-quality after-sales service bring good reputation to Soundking, which makes soundking solution stand out from the other competitors.
External 3 way Speaker System---- FC515E
High power 3D cinema subwoofer--- FC418S

Dual-channel analog amplifier --- HC1500
Dual-channel analog amplifier--- HC1200
Dual-channel analog amplifier--- HC3000
Dual-channel analog amplifier--- HC4000
Audio processor

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Real and a good sense of layering. For example, there is footage of heavy rain, when i can hear the vivid air grating between the falling leaves and air, the knock of raindrop dripping on the back of foot, etc. It is wonderful 3D sound effect!
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