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128X64 character LCD display
458 high quality percussion voices
26 preset drum kits+ 15 user-defined drum kits
20 demo songs
Aux in jack, line output, headphone output
USB interface (USB to device), MIDI in/out
Recording and playback functionality
Adjustable sensitivity and crosstalk
Metronome: 3 band EQ, 3 ambience and 2 reverb settings.
DC: 9v/500mA inside+,outside-
Internal rechargeable power supply, 8 hours ceaseless working hour
Battery operation to avoid hurting from AC
Environment-friendly lithium battery
Grit-blasting treated stainless stand
Unlike some competitors, whose stands become slanted and sagged after constant uses, SKD203 boasts of its strong and good-looking stands which are designed in cooperation with the proven Ultimate stand-the best renowned stand name in the world. The stand has a very good damping factor of the grit-blasting, which leads to a stable quality and longer service time.
Pristine sound source consists of 358 high quality percussion voices and 20 demo songs
Mainframe tune comes from the collaboration of many teams with a careful Selection. The tune is processed with professional optimization and matching, thus our digital drum is qualified for various performance styles, e.g. pop, funk, metal, electron, etc. Because top-grade mainframe chip and large-capacity storage are used, the tune is decoded in an authentic way. Besides, a lot of long tune (cymbal tune) is stored to enrich your professional performance.
Patented non-contact trigger mesh drum to ensure a lasting and accurate sound signal
This trigger mesh drum does not make direct contact with conductive medium. Compared with common digital drums on the market that require for direct contact between soft elastic material and mesh surface to transfer mechanical signal, this kind of drum can avoid poor contact caused by the dimensional change due to long-term use and extrusion. In this way, it can always generate accurate sound signal, and the service life can be prolonged effectively.
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