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Soundking is the first company to design rack mounting digital mixer into PA product---- DLS portable column. The mixer features the 4th generation SHARC floating point processor, 24 bit/48 kHz AD/DA convertor, built-in programs ( DSP, reverb, delay, modulation and EQ and GEQ, 12 professional mic inputs and 4 line inputs, professional S/PDIF digital signal in/out connectors, 16 BUS including 8 user-defined analogue output connector and AES/EBU output connectors, USB for playing / recording / scene saving and wireless connection. User can control the operation via iPad/tablet PC, and audit the sound at every corner, and then adjust the mixing according the actual requirement.
Innovation Point

> Built-in 20CH digital mixer

12CH mic (4CH combo), 2 CH stereo, S/PDIF input,USB input.

> The 4th generation 40bit SHARC floating point processor

The 4th generation 40bit SHARC floating point processor, 24bit/48kHz AD/DA converting, 

built-in reverb/delay/limit/EQ/GEQ.

> Low cost high performance

It overcomes the tradition, without the need of mixer and mixer stand to lower down the cost 

of connection cables.

> Easy installation & operation, perfect tone

> It can be used with Soundking all-digital wireless microphone

Touring show,Small conference,conference room,Function Room,Band practice room.

Stand SB305 (Optional)2DLA12SA1Stand SB305 (Optional)2DLA12SA1
Flight case(Optional)1Stand SB3142Flight case(Optional)1Stand SB3142

Flight case1

Flight case1
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