KT series are three way (dual driver) coaxial active speaker cabinets, each of which consist of an 8 inch MF/HF coaxial speaker (Φ50mm 8' MF unit /Φ44mm HF compression driver) and LF unit (different size for different model) to deliver high power, round and clear tone, even coverage. The Class D power amp features high efficiency, high power, compact structure, light weight, etc.

Application: Conference room, concert hall, multi-function hall, stage monitoring, etc;
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> Unique shape, compact, light-weighted; durable silver environmental friendly paint; 

> Solid plywood with slot-tongue structure cabinet to deliver robust tone; 

> Dual coaxial driver MF/HF unit to offer optimal coverage and to improve sound clearness and resolution; 

> Efficient Class D power amplifier with 1500W load capacity, stable performance, low distortion; 

> Φ35mm tray for stand installation;

> KT series has DSP function to process EQ/X-OVER/LIMIT/DELAY/volume, etc.  The panel operation can be replaced by PC operation via 

the USB connection to PC. Professional software is equipped for PC operation.


TypeActive Coaxial Loudspeake
Frequency response 65Hz~20kHz(±3dB)
Input Sensitivity0dBu
Max SPL(@1m)135dB(peak)
Amp. power1500W
Crossover  (LM/MH)320Hz(Active)

Input Connector RCA/XLR
Input Voltage  230V
Supporting systemΦ35
Dimension (WxHxD)371x721x375(mm)

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