Matecom Full Duplex Intercom System

Matecom cable intercom system is to facilitate a clear internal vocal communication for the staff at the performance site, conference, studio and other places. It has the functions of full duplex talkback, passive / active noise-cancelling, group call, group dial / single dial, etc.


Product vision: matecom cable intercom system can serve all kinds of scenes at home and abroad, such as performance scene, conference & meeting, exhibition, broadcasting & filmmaking, sports competitions etc., and provide clearer vocal communication, more efficient communication channels, and more pleasant work experience for all working staff!

Product positioning: low cost, single function, used to popularize the utilization of intercom in the performance industry. Low cost Intercom solutions are available in the context of engineering.

Scope of application: In large, medium and small-sized activities, it is used by staff of relatively less motion. It can either be temporarily set up and used at the performance place or fix-installed in the venues (exhibition hall, conference room, studio).


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Main functions of matecom cable intercom

1. Rack-mounted, standard 1U high, including serial interface for Bodypack, wireless walkie-talkie interface and button indicators;

2. 3 groups buses design for grouped call or trunked call.

3. Multiple units are inter-connectable

4. Full duplex HD call, compatible with external headset, providing HD sound quality through communication;

5. LED panel buttons, with which you can choose single or multiple Bodypack calls;

6. Directors’ call management, convenient for director to give instructions;

7. The waist bags can be connected hand-in-hand, can talk to each other, and all have separate volume adjustment buttons;

8. The bodypack is equipped with headset of standard XLR interface, and the universal interface is more convenient to use;

9. passive noise-cancelling earphones for single or both ears, with peak power of 30W, earphone impedance ≥ 100 Ω, moving coil;

10. A single unit can support up to 30 bodypacks;

11. Innovative and unique walkie-talkie connection patent function, can realize the communication connection with civil radio and walkie-talkie, to offer more possibility 

in mobility.

Matecom Full Duplex Intercom System

Matecom Full Duplex Intercom System

Matecom Full Duplex Intercom System

Matecom Full Duplex Intercom System

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