Intelligent interactive blackboard

The intelligent interactive blackboard combines traditional blackboard with ultra-high-definition interactive tablet to give a deep and exquisite appearance, with top-level full-fit process, equipped with new nano-capacitor touch technology, exclusive teaching software, it can be written with ordinary chalk on the full screen, bringing a new teaching experience to teachers and students.

Full fit process:

1)Wide viewing angle: true 178° screen viewing angle, ensuring that the teaching content is clearly visible

2)Precision touch control: no air layer, avoiding touch errors caused by air refraction, making the touch response consistent

Nano silver capacitive touch control:

1)Fine writing: Excellent anti-interference, improve touch feedback speed, improve writing fineness, sensitivity and smoothness

2)Pure interface: the screen display is not subject to visual interference of the metal grid, it has excellent light-admitting quality.

Integration of tradition and technology:

1)Elegant appearance: no frame flat design, high quality anti-glare tempered glass and interactive flat tablet integration, showing dignity and nobility.

2)Easy chalk writing: it can be written on with ordinary chalk on the whole screen to accommodate teacher's teaching habits of writing on true board.

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▪ 15 Chinese-style segmented shortcut keys, the most commonly used shortcut keys are placed in the middle position, their height and size are ergonomically designed

▪ Integrated design, aluminum alloy frame, aluminum honeycomb nano-galvanized panel, support writing with pen

▪ Standard OPS computer with system one-button restoration function

▪ High-fidelity Yamaha 15W*2 speaker, built-in wireless receiver module

▪ Considering the safety of teachers and students and the safety of equipment, the booth can be flexibly selected according to real needs.

▪ Built-in pen slot with 2 magnetic pens

▪ Easy-to-operate control area

▪ The control module has reasonable layout, simple and intuitive, easy to operate, no need for personnel training, it provides three channels of OPS signal, external PC signal, and external booth (HD and USB) signals, which fully satisfy all modes of teaching.

▪ Start teaching with one click to prevent the occurrence of a situation in which the device cannot be started because the card is lost.

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