CX401/ CX401P

CX Series fixed mounting sound column is the latest product in Soundking RAY series of sound column systems. Taking into account the requirements for speaker’s low frequency response by voice and music reinforcement, this series sound column adopts two-frequency design, 4 ' glass fiber cone full frequency speaker is adopted for the bass, compression drive+constant directional horn are adopted for the treble. The housing adopts high-strength and light-weight aluminum alloy material, the whole waterproof structure design with fully waterproof structure design. Considering application need for long distance transmission, CX series comes with two configurations: one with ordinary constant resistance and one with constant voltage built-in 100V audio transformer. CX series also has two housing colors for users to choose: classic black and white.

CX series has 5 models: CX401, CX401P, CX404, CX408, CX412, CX401 for constant voltage, CX401P for constant resistance, CX404, CX408 and CX412 for both constant voltage and constant resistance. Each speaker’s parameters have been imported into the EASE library, with Soundking AP series, DP series digital audio processors and AG series, AQ series pro amplifiers, by simple assembly you can form a high-performance professional speaker system which is very suitable for voice and background music reinforcement that can be applied in such venues as auditorium, church, theatre and other outdoor places. 

Colors (optional): white, black

CX401/ CX401P

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  • Two -frequency 4-inch aluminum alloy housing sound column system, includes 1-12 4' full frequency speakers+1*0.75'-1' compression drive horn speaker which comprise the full frequency speaker. It has excellent sound quality, light weight and is easy to carry. Constant directional treble horn design, uniform sound field coverage.

  • Fully water-proof housing structure design, 8-way plug-in terminal socket, internal 2-way parallel connection, special PG water-proof socket signal output.

  • Built-in 100V audio transformer constant voltage output, optional 3 power output:100%, 50%, 25%

  • Constant resistance status:2*NL4 audio socket output

  • With adjustable speaker wall rack

  • Speaker base comes with 35mm tray


Product model:

CX401/ CX401P


passive two-frequency sound column system

Bass speaker:


Treble speaker:






Maximum sound compression level


Frequency response:


Constant voltage power:


Rated impedance:


Housing material

aluminium alloy

Housing dimensionWxHxD


Speaker net weight kg:    


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