Guided 8-way Motor Control Component

▪ Comply with DIN EN 50022 standard guide rail installation, easy installation and uninstallation;

▪ High strength elastic thermoplastic case, strong impact resistance, recyclable, strong flame retardant;

▪ 8 modulus widths (one modulus width =18mm);

▪ ID number digital display, usually not displayed, can trigger the display if necessary;

▪ ID number can be set through the panel key;

▪ General electrical products wiring, safe and reliable, simple and easy;

▪ 8-way curtain control, dedicated for control over electric equipment such as: curtain switch, shutter switch, elevator, etc.

▪ Switch status panel display, and can be switched through the panel keys;

▪ With relay anti-ignition circuit, effectively prevent the phenomenon of relay contact burning;

▪ 100% aging test.

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Controlled circuits

8X2 Road interlock

Circuit switch load (resistance)

5A AC 250V

Maximum switching current


Delay operation time for each circuit

0 sec-15 hours

Relay life

More than 60,000 times

Supply voltage

DC 24V                                  

Static power consumption

0.16W (6.8mA)

Maximum power consumption

0.75W (31.5mA)

Control port

RS485 bus     

Installation method

DIN EN 50022 standard guide rail mounting

Dimension (L/W/T)


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