7-inch Programmable Capacitive Touch Screen

▪ 7-inch full touch screen control;

▪ Input power DC 24V;

▪ Use ARM processing chip, support multi-task process, powerful, built-in clock function;

▪ 7 inch TFT65000 real color industrial-grade screen, 1024*600 resolution;

▪ 2-way IO input, can be connected to sensor;

▪ Model suffix X indicates panel material and color, optional: 6 glass black/ 9 glass White

▪ SK-NET bus B, can freely edit and change display interface, flexible;

▪ Equipped with interface programming software and control programming software,free to edit and change the display interface, graphic interface supports pictures, graphics, text, buttons;

▪ Interface engineering and control programm are stored in the chip,connect with computer by USB for functionality upgrade;

▪ Can directly make addition, reduction and modification on the original file when upgrading the control program functionality, simple and easy to use.

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Supply voltage

DC 24V                                         

Standby power consumption

0.65W (27mA)

Maximum power consumption

0.77W (32mA)

Screen color

65000 true color

Screen size

7 inch

Screen resolution


IO Input


Control communication port

RS485 bus

Engineering download interface

1 USB download interface

Dimension (mm)

185x110x38 (W× H x T)  

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