Serial Expansion Device

▪ one way RS232 serial port expand to four-way RS232/RS485 serial port input, output;

▪ Four-way RS232/RS485 serial port data input, packaged into one way RS232 output, four-way extended serial ports can return data at the same time;

▪ Output data can be designated to any of the four-way output;

▪ Can set the baud rate and the calibration method of each expansion port;

▪ Expanded original central control RS232 port can cascade output, does not hinder data usage of the original central control RS232 port;

▪ ID number can be set through the rear panel ID button;

▪ Through the rear panel indicator, can clearly observe the operation of the port;

▪ Comply with Keatoo 2+1=1U standard


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Input power supply

12V DC power supply;

Number of control input channels

1-way RS232

Number of control output channels

1x direct RS232 channel,

4x extension RS485 (RS485) channel;

ID Port

1xID dial switch, range 0―9

Use control interface

one power LED indicator,one pair of main port input

and output status number indicators, 4 pairs of extension

RS232 channel input and output status LED indicators;

Usage environment

temperature range -5℃―40

Humidity range 0―90%RH;


44mmx 183mmx 160mm (height x width x depth) 1/2U


0.5kg Net

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