Web Control Terminal

▪ SCRIPT programming cabinet type 1U web control type central control host;

▪ Built-in web server, as long as there is terminal device with access to the Internet via browser, it can become an intelligent control terminal;

▪ Control terminal is not related to operating system, Android operating system MAC Os Apple operating system, Windows Microsoft operating system, Linux operating system are all OK, no need to buy Liczense;

▪ The user interface is stored in the host, does not need to install program in the control terminal;

▪ Provide interface editing downloadable software, automatically generate Html Web control;

▪ Powerful Script integrated development platform, can develop a variety of control programs, full support third-party devices and their control protocols,can control almost all peripheral devices (including third-party devices);

▪ Open programmable control platform, powerful Script integrated development platform, user-friendly Chinese language operating interface.

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 32-bit 400MHZ ARM microprocessor


 standard memory 8M SDRAM, 8M Flash;

Extended memory

can be extended to 32M;

Network interface

1 RJ45 network port for web page control

Control port

4-way bidirectional RS232/RS485 optional port

12-way RS232 unidirectional port;

Infrared IR Port

8 independent programmable IR infrared interface;

Input I/O port

8 I/O, support 0-5V digital input signal;

weak current relay port

8 weak current relays

Output download port

1 RS232 port downloading program,

1 RJ45 network port downloading web interface;

Power supply

AC100V-240V adaptive power supply

Dimension (mm)

65x485x162 (height x width x depth)


approx. 1.8kg

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