GL4 series are Soundking’s latest high-end modular compact line array systems that adopting Italian imported B&C speaker units, aiming to satisfy demanding requirements of high definition voice and music transfer. They feature excellent acoustic performance of extremely high definition voice and sound reproduction, especially at venues that require long-time natural reverberation and long-range projection. Currently, GL4 series include the mixed active full range line array system GL83A and the dual 12’’ suspended active subwoofer system GL212B.

Considering perfect acoustic and mechanical performance, GL83A proves a good substitution for traditional column speaker system and line array speaker system. It is perfect either for the single use at church, auditorium and conference facilities, or for the line array combo use at theater and music hall. Because of the brilliant acoustic design of line sources and high performance of speaker units, GL83A is able to have very compact cabinet structure while keeping perfect acoustic characteristic, and the lighter weight helps LC series become qualified for the application of touring show and small/medium scale performance working with subwoofer system. After removed the traditional constrained horn, cabinet is as thick as a piece of A4 paper! The innovative cabinet structure optimizes the vertical dispersion and frequency range of beam via coupling. Especially when working with the best configuration of speaker unit, it can provide very evenly and symmetrically distributed horizontal coverage but still maintain its very compact size.

Soundking specially integrates active PA module into GL83A and also designs the active subwoofer system GL212B that features easy connection and “plug and play”. This system includes various accessories to support either ground installation, or suspension, or even wall mounting; suspension scale varies from 1pcs to 8pcs speakers for different demanding acoustic conditions and electro-acoustic characteristic requirements. GL4 series can be freely combined and split just like “Lego” bricks, thus suitable for different applications.

As a type of active line source module with excellent overall performance, GL83A includes 8pcs 3” cone speaker units and 8pcs composite film tweeters featuring mixed line source technology. Speaker units are equally divided into 2 groups to connect and be driven by internal power amplifier via electronic crossover. Internal pin-free suspension system supports “plug and play” usage. GL212B is a type of elegantly designed “V-shape” band-pass subwoofer system featuring uni-body design and “plug and play” solution. GL212B is built in with pin-free suspension system, providing different optional accessories for either floor stacking or suspension application.

GL4 system is capable of many applications. Both full range and subwoofer modules adopt uni-body design and have multiple presets available. All devices can be networked and controlled through 485 network. It is recommended to complete a combined unit by having 2pcs full range modules GL83A and 1pc subwoofer module GL212B.

Application: Mainly applied to 800-1200 square meters of auditorium, club, large functional hall, cultural and tourism destination, etc.
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