W713M Product Introduction

> Host has display, more convenient and intuitive for operation.

> RF control, audio UHF (600-900MHz), more convenient for installation, uninstallation, relocation, without damaging the original decoration, effective working distance 60 meters.

> Host has 20 channels, can choose any channel, preventing other frequency interference.

> Host has one-key FM feature. When microphone is powered on and on the same channel as the host, microphone unit automatically follows the host to change the channel.

> Host can be connected to 128 units, maximum number of simultaneous speakers is 2 representatives or 3 representatives and 1 chairman, system has first in first out, chairman mode, number of representative speakers can be set 1, 2 or 3 as required.

> Host connects camera, video tracking can be achieved using computer software, you can also connect external HD video switcher,can use up to 6 HD cameras, suitable for the needs of various venues, support multiple camera protocols, such as EVI-D70, Yaan, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, can connect with camera  using 232, 485, you can also set the screen freezing function, so the camera freezes image when turning, the image during camera rotation does not appear.

> Can power off all units via host one-key power-off function, eliminating the tedious operation of manually shutting down the unit.

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Carrier wave frequencyUHF(600-900MHz)
Modulation modeFM
Effective working distance80 m
Oscillation modePLL phase locking frequency synthesis
Sensitivitywhen deviation is equal to 25KHz input 6dBV, S/N>60dB
Frequency band width30MHz
Maxium deviation+-45KHz
Overall S/N ratio> (106dB)
Overall T.H.D<0.5% @1KHz)
Integrated frequency response45HZ-18KHZ +-1dB
Power supplyDC12-18V
Weight2.4 Kg
Output socketXLR parallel and 6.3 non-balance connection

Carrier wave frequencyHF600-900MHz
Oscillation modePLL phase locking frequency synthesis
Harmonic wave radiation<-65dBm
Frequency band width30MHz
Maxium deviation+-45KHz
Microphone inputcapacitive  single-minded directional
RF power output18MW
Battery2 AA5 battery
Current consumption<200mA
Continuous working time approx6 hours
Dimensions (mm) 150x120x440mm

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