Advanced Digital Conference System 

(digital-analog dual backup conference microphone unit)

Application: Conference System
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Dual backup system design, conference system failure will not affect the use of phantom microphone, and both can be used at the same time(conference system priority), so that the system has higher reliability.

It has two systems: the hand-held conference system and the phantom power supply microphone. Based on the unique system fusion technology of Soundking, it integrates the phantom power supply microphone and the hand-held conference system seamlessly.

Built-in high-performance CPU with faster processing speed and better sound quality.

Delicate and elegant mesa structure is in line with ergonomics and a modern atmosphere.

Top-level gold film Hi-fi microphone voice head.

Square high resolution touch screen.

Dynamic dial time display.

Designed with microphone on/off key and the function of switching on or off microphone via touch screen.

The back side of the unit is equipped with a table card with magnetic bonding material.

Capable of messages display and reception.

Support to change the display interface.

Support touch screen check-in, response, election, voting, scoring, and other functions.

1Φ3.5 mm stereo phone jack can connect headphones, with  volume adjustable, long press the touch screen to pop up the volume interface.

TF card storage picture display function.

Support unit sound adjustment function via the touch screen, long press the touch screen to pop up the volume interface.

Unit connection: meeting system adopts 6-core cable; special 2-core + shield mic cable(mic with phantom power supply).


Maximum power consumption


Headphone load

Above 16Ω

Headset volume

10 mW

Headphone output

Ø 3.5 mm stereo


14mm gold-plated condenser x 2

Screen resolution




Frequency response

20-20,000 Hz


-36 dB

Output impedance

Below 200Ω

Equivalent noise level

16 dB,A-weighted

Maximum sound pressure

136 dB (1% T.H.D. @ 1kHz 0dB SPL=2x10 Pa)

Phantom power



6-core cable for conference system; special 2-core shield mic cable



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