All-in-one Multimedia Terminal Unit

Function description of paperless software:

Security: to ensure the security of the conference, the conference should be encrypted to avoid unauthorized users to join the conference.

Main functions: meeting data meets the common management functions of PPT, Word, Excel, pic, etc.

Document browsing: meeting staff and conference speakers can display meeting information simultaneously; During the meeting, participants can choose to view the meeting information, synchronize the speaker, lock the current page, and switch between synchronous and asynchronous operations.

Registration function: support the online annotation of speakers in the mode of synchronous conference. All the clients can see the annotation of speakers synchronously.

Electronic whiteboard function: support any meeting data as electronic version of the annotated object; support to mark at any time; support post-meeting annotation export, desktop sharing, vote scoring, desk signing, meeting announcement, etc.

Application: Conference System
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The T-type six-core wire of Soundking conference system is used to connect with the I Mic Center host. A single host can connect up to 120 conference units, and the functions, such as speech and discussion management, can be realized through the conference host.

With the meeting host and the HD seamless 3G-SDI switching matrix board card, the camera preset point can be set to realize the HD camera tracking function, which facilitates the seamless switch of the meeting recording and HD video.

The system supports  multiple platforms of operations, including the lifting screen (PC), iPad and Android hardware terminal devices. Data interaction between platforms can be conducted, and the all-Chinese management and maintenance interface can be achieved.

Integrated HD display with touch function, optional operation software of paperless office system, whole desktop up and down.

Using centralized control, PC voting control software integrates microphone management or independent flip.

A conference room supports no less than 60 clients (including PC, iPad and Android) to hold multimedia interactive meetings online, where the system meets the unattended management requirements. Support multiple conference rooms (no less than 4 rooms) to hold different meetings simultaneously.


Pickup technology

Array mic pickup

Frequency response




Maximum power consumption


Pickup distance

Above 80cm

S/N ratio


Output impedance


Control type



T shape(handle)


6-pin DIN


536*203*(screen height 280,mic height51)mm



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