Embedded Array Microphone Conferencing Unit
  • Using the digital array mic technology developed by Soundking independently, “gooseneck” mic pickup, array pickup up to 80cm, good directivity, cystic pickup area, effective control on surrounding noise.

  • The customized 6-core cable one-line connection avoids the use of complex multi-core cables and can easily pass through existing wiring pipelines, the system can add speech equipment at any node at any time, thus greatly reducing the installation cost.

  • The electric flip structure can be turned up when speaking, and buckled down when not speaking. The flip can be controlled by buttons or managed uniformly by the host and PC software.

Application: A complete set of Soundking conference system, with 6 pin digital interface, RJ45 interface, RS232 serial port, Phoenix terminal audio interface, XLR audio interface, you can use them for PC software control. In summary, you can choose one or more interfaces to implement the system's functionality.
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Pickup technology

Array mic pickup


Directional bandwidth


-38 dB

Maximum SPL

113dB SPL@1KHz

Pickup distance

Above 80CM

S/N ratio

80 dB

Output impedance



T shape(handle)

Built-in mics


Base size


Matching host

I Mic Center/M/SDI

Product size


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