G Series Passive Line Array Speaker Cabinet, all parts are designed according to the international IP46 standards, and every full-range speaker totally confirms to line array principle. After many years’ research, Soundking developed the HF wave guide horn, MF phase plug, patented H/M/L speaker and many other core parts exclusive for line array speaker cabinet. G Series Passive Line Array Speaker Cabinet with good directivity control, evenly distributed sound field, outstanding volume/sound pressure ratio and also many other fine quality, is highly recognized in the world.

The box of G Series Passive Line Array Speaker Cabinet is made from solid, high-quality and moisture-proof birch plywood; the surface is processed with the polyurea nano-coating exclusively used for industries like building and ship; grill and accessories are all processed with special outdoor two-layer power coating for excellent performance of dust-proof, UV-proof and anti-corrosive; inside the grill has the water-proof foam; two water-proof sockets are at rear panel. The H/M/L speakers are all water-proof, dust-proof and high/low temperature resistant. Each speaker adopts patented intelligent suspension system, easy installation and disassembly. Two handholds paralleled to box are installed on both sides for easy carry.

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> fill cabinet system for large touring show

> medium/small-size stadium

> multifunction hall

> church


G208 line array is a 2CH 2 way of which all parts are designed according to IP46 standard. G208 features  70Hz-20kHz frequency, flat frequency response and phase response. Two 44mm waterproof HF compression units and two 8 waterproof LF units form a MFHF system and reduce the weight but offer high sound pressure/volume ratio. The MFLF part uses two 150W 8 waterproof LF units with acoustic grille to prevent from MF interference and optimizes MF directivity. HF part uses two 44mm waterproof HF compression units with a plane wave converter to convert dome wave into equal phase plane wave, and thus to reduce to reduce comb filtering effect and improve sound clearness. With a 90 degree constant directivity horn together, they generate a consistent wave plane. The trapezoidal enclosure minimizes the gap between two cabinets, thus to reduce the useless sound area and minimize the side lobe. The cabinets are designed with accurate Al suspension system for quick setup. Each cabinet can be adjusted 0°- 6°freely to meet different requirements. The cabinets are designed with durable black finish. Two handles are designed for easy transportation. Two waterproof speaker connectors are designed on the rear panel for link application.


two-way water-proof line array cabinet

Frequency Response

65Hz~20kHz (-10dB)

80Hz~18kHz (±3dB)

Horizonal Coverage(-6dB)


Vertical Coverage(-6dB)


2x8'(203mm) water-proof mid/low


2x1.75'(44mm) water-proof compression driver/NdFeB alnico


LF 99 dB   HF 108 dB

Rated Impedance  

LF 16Ω     HF 16Ω

Rated Power

LF 300 W(continuous),1200W(peak value)

HF 80 W(continuous),320W(peak value)

Max.SPL(@1m )

LF 130 dB

HF 133 dB


250Hz 2kHz(external)




30 kg

Vertical Dispersion

~6° each grade 1°


water-proof plug

Surface Treatment

black polyurea coating

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