As a type of two-way line array system, G110 offers a frequency range of 60Hz-20kHz and features flat frequency and phase response.

1pcs 65mm imported Faital Neodymium magnet HF unit & 1pcs 10’’ Neodymium magnet LF unit construct a speaker system with ultra high headroom, which can largely reduce cabinet weight and bring very high SPL.G210F adopts 1pcs 10’’ LF unit whose cone is made of imported material and 1pcs 65mm imported Faital Neodymium magnet HF unit converting HF wave form from spherical to equiphase plane wave, which can largely reduce the HF interference effect and improve the clarity over long distance. In addition, Combining a 120° exponential curve constant directivity horn generates a consistent wave front.

The trapezoidal design of cabinet minimizes the gap between two cabinets thereby to reduce the invalid sound area of whole array and

minimize the vertical side lobe. Equipped with high precision aluminum alloy suspension system, connecting angle adjustable between 0-6° to meet different requirements.

G110 supports the way of suspension, floor stacking or pole mounting to supplement G110S either for the purpose of FOH or front fill system.

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