This power sequencer features SCM smart control, turning on each channel power in order and turning off reversely one by one to reduce the transient power surge damage to the equipment, compact contour and reasonable topology (GZ-8F 2U, GZ-12F 3U), built-in premium filter to reduce the interference, multifunction power socket, digi-display of the voltage. The power sequencer compatible with TMS system has timing, tele-control, auto-control functions. The tele-control uses Ethernet structure and supports TCP Server, TCP Client operation modes.

Application: touring show, PC / TV / PA system, etc.
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> Multifunction power socket;

> One button to turn on the sequence function;

> Turn on in order and off reversely;

> Each channel can be turned on/off independently;

> GZ-8F provides 8 channel power outputs

  GZ-12F provides 12 channel power outputs, channel ;status displayed on the panel;

> Input voltage display;

> Network control connector; turning on/off via the TMS;

> GZ-8F 2U, GZ-12F 3U 

Power supplyAC 220V/50HzAC 220V/50Hz
Total out current30A30A
Each CH out current13A13A
Power control8 CH12 CH
Delay time2s2s

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