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> 32bit DSP chip, 96kHz sampling rate, 24bit AD/DA converter;

> Input section includes high cut, low cut, PEQ, noise gate, gain, mute, phase, linkage, volume group and other processing units;

> Output section includes crossover, PEQ, gain, mute, limit, phase, delay, linkage, volume group and other processing units;

> Gain, band width and frequency of all channels continuously adjustable, type: PEQ, low shelving filter, high shelving filter, low cut filter, high cut filter, first order phase shift, second order phase shift;

> Free matrix distribution between all inputs and outputs, name of all channels changeable;

> All input&output channels with independent phase curve adjustment, 180°/ 360° curve adjustment respectively for first/second order phase shift when it comes to PEQ type;

> Type of all high/low cut filter and crossover: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel; slope adjustable;

> Threshold, start time and recovery time of noise gate continuously adjustable for input channel; threshold, ratio, start time and recovery time of compressor/limiter continuously adjustable for output channel;

> Maximum 680ms delay time for each delay module of all output channels;

> Free copying of parameters and linkage adjustable between any channels;

> PEQ curve graph for all current input/output channels visible from any single input/output channel;

> Built-in signal generator, pink/white noise output mode, 20Hz to 20kHz sine wave adjustable, signal amplitude adjustable;

> Input&output level indicators and USB port at front panel, 232&485 and Ethernet port at rear panel, one button connection, easy and fast, wireless PC mixing supported;

> 21 user presets, whole state and each preset saved or called alone. ID setting enables cascade control over as many as 256 units, password protection function for great security.


System specificationFrequency response

Dynamic range




Max input level


Max output level

Digital Processing24bit sigma-delta AD/DA converter

32 bit DSP, 48kHz sampling rate
DisplayLattice LCD to show current parameters and all the other settings
Power SupplyAC 95V-250V 50/60Hz

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