This power conditioner is specially designed for galaxy series and supreme series to adjust the voltage. The power surge protection prevents the equipments from damage, thus to prolong the equipment life. The constant output keeps better audio reproduction effect. 

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  1. Series link protection tech

    Professional audio/video engineers can not stand power failure, data loss and unstable system. EP11 is designed with power surge rejection system to keep reliable performance. This is the ideal choice in critical application. 

  2. Power failure protection tech

    The power failure protection technology monitors the input voltage. When it detects the input voltage surpasses 275V, it turns attacks the breaker to turn off the power supply of this unit and the relative equipments. The LED indicates the problem to user to adjust for normal operation. 

  3. Effective voltage adjustment

    The effective voltage adjustment technology switches the loop and needs less time. Furthermore, it is different from the iron magnet transformer. EP11 is not sensitive to the line MF defects to achieve a better result. The input voltage ranges 180-260V, and outputs 230V stably. The couple transformer loop design ensures extremely low leakage. 

  4. Isolation multisocket

    The multisocket is designed with isolation to eliminate the cross electricity thus to reduce noise. This solves the problem happened when analog and digital equipments are sharing the same power supply.  

  5. Line filter technology

    The line filter technology adjust LPF to reduce the AC noise and covers wide band width. The pre filter solution can not keep even noise reduction, thus lead to changing noise attenuation fiercely, just like the bad EQ adjustment during recording. 

  6. Digital voltage meter/current meter

    It can switches the display of input voltage or output current, meanwhile it displays the protection OK, voltage protection and voltage range.

  7. USB recharging

    USB interface on the front panel recharges the media equipment or cell phone conveniently. 

  8. Power surge protection

    The power surge protection based on MOV. 

  9. LED indication

    LED indication for the power supply and operation status, including protection OK indication, ultra-high voltage indication and voltage range indication.

  10. EMI/RFI filtering

    Standard non-linear AC noise filtering.

  11. Protection

       Over current protection: when the output current surpasses 30A, it turns off the power supply output automatically.

       Over voltage protection: when the input voltage surpasses 275V, it turns off the power supply output automatically. 

       Neutral open protection: if the neutral is open, the breaker works to stop the power supply output. 

       Low voltage protection: if the input AC voltage is below 180V, the green LED on the panel flashes. This means too low voltage. 





Max current



Voltage range



Over Voltage protection



Power consumption

17W (without load)

17W (without load)

Dimension (WxHxD)


482 x 400 x 88mm




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