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> Voltage and current display on front panel

> Voltage convert switch to convert 230V or 240V on rear panel. When 230V is selected, the input voltage fluctuation range is 180-260V, and output voltage is 230V. When 240V is selected, the input voltage fluctuation range is 190V-270V, and the output voltage is 240V. If the input voltage is over 275V, the regulator goes to protection status and shuts off output. 

> Advanced power surge protection

> Line filtering with ultra-low noise

> 10 output connectors, six 10A connectors (one group 4 and one group 2) on the rear panel. 

> The total load current is 30A

> Protection: 

a. Over voltage protection: if the input voltage is over 275V, it shuts down the outputs

b. Over current protection: If the overall output current is over 30A, it shuts down the outputs

c.  Low voltage alarm: If the input AC voltage is lower than 180V, the orange LED on the front panel lights up. 

Max current16A
Regulated voltage180~250VAC/50Hz
Over voltage Protectoin275±3VAC 
Power consumption17W (idle)
Dimension482 x 400 x 88mm

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