DP88 supports 4 ways to realize remote control and network configuration. PC to single machine: connect a PC via USB, realize full control via PC software; PC to multimachine: connect a PC via RS485, realize full control via PC software; connect a wall controller via TCP/IP function, realize full control via PC software; connect a wall controller via RS485, realize simple control via wall controller. PC software can control all functions of the machine, including editing and uploading presets to the machine. 8 channels can all support line or mic in and distribute to 8 outputs via 8*8 matrix.

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Analog input8 bal
Analog output8 bal
Max input levelline:+18dBu; mic:-18dBu
Max output level+18dBu
THD+N0.005% at 1kHz 0dBu
Frequency response20Hz - 20kHz±1dBu
AD/DA converter4×AK5385B 24bit,1×AK4358 24bit
DSPDream SAM3716, 24x32bit filter processing, 96bit precision intermediate data calculation
Input EQEach input channel has 3 Bell or Shelving filters
Output EQEach output channel has 5 Bell or Shelving filters
Filter typeSymmetric Bell or high/low Shelving to the second level command
Filter gainBell or Shelving gain: ±12dBu, step: 0.5dBu 
Center frequency1/24th octave resolution per step within ±20Hz
Q value/band widthQ/BW range: 0.4/3.59~10/0.0312; Q/BW step: 0.1 res
High/low pass filterThe first level command (Butterworth -6dB/Oct) to the fourth level command (Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley or Bessel -24dB/Oct
RMS limiterThreshold: 18dBu~-12dBu

Test time: 5ms~200ms (1ms res~20ms; 10ms res~100ms; 20ms~200ms)

Release time: 0.1s~3s (0.1s res)

Ratio: 1:1 (shoot through) ~32:1 (hard limiting), step: 0.1
DelayMax 380.998ms delay for each output, step: 21us
Feedback activationOnly available when selecting mic in 
Default parameter6 user call; 4 S1-S4 digital input
Front panel2x24 LCD screen

Each input has 6 indicators (line/mic/feedback/signal/clip/limit)

1 phantom power indicator

6 key switch potentiometer can control and edit each channel alone

Type B USB connector
Rear panel2 x 12pin Phoenix connector (mic/line in)

2 x 12pin Phoenix connector (line out)

2 x 4pin Phoenix connector (S1-S4 digital input, level:0-5V)

2 x 4pin Phoenix connector (S1-S4 digital output, level:0-5V)

2 x RJ45-RS485 input/output seat

1 x RJ45- Internet seat (10/100 TCP-IP)
AC supplyIEC C13 16A, power socket: rocker switch

90-240V AC (50/60Hz) - 40W
Dimension482x44x229mm, 1U
Net/gross weight3.5/4kg

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