According to market demand, our company integrates its own strong technology strength to release the brand new 4” series sound column system with metal material enclosure. It consists of 4 models, namely passive LA404/LA408 and active LA404A/LA408A. This speaker series feature high sensitivity, high power and very penetrating speech intelligibility, a best choice for vocal sound reinforcement. In order to expand the sound range and meet the bandwidth requirement from different kinds of music instruments, we also provide a special 12” subwoofer to enhance ULF band .

This series is designed with 35mm hole on bottom for pole mounting purpose, and supports either combo use with subwoofer or the rack mounting use for different amplifying applications, simple and convenient.

Application: very suitable for large/medium/small size meeting room, church, station, shopping mall, etc; Working together with  subwoofer, it is suitable for outdoor performance, band, bar, culture saloon, etc.

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Active Subwoofer

This active subwoofer is configured with a built-in powerful 32bit DSP processor that integrates functions of Gain, Crossover, EQ, Delay, Limit, Program Memory, etc; 6 DSP modes can be flexibly selected for different applications including Music, Vocal, Live Show, Disco, Karaoke and Conference; 3-channel independent and highly-efficient “Class-D” power amplifier features high power, low distortion, light weight and stable performance.

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