LS series active column speaker system features easy system combination for different field requirements; excellent tone, compact design, easy carry; alternative three types full range line array column speakers LA208/LA308/LA306, wide frequency response, clear tone, wide horizontal coverage, long projection, etc.

Active subwoofer LA12SA with built-in powerful 32bit DSP module; gain, crossover, EQ, delay, limit and memory function,  three-way independent Class D amplifier, high efficiency, high power, low distortion, rated power: 1x900W+2x350W, excellent tone; switching mode power supply, light weight, stable performance; three-way independent amplifier can drive one active driver, two full range speakers and one passive subwoofer.

The whole set of system packed in flight case, waterproof bag enclosed for all-weather use; only 5 minutes needed to install the whole set of system for different actual conditions.

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> Full range speakers, imported unit, high sensitivity, light weight;

> High strength, light weight and elegant contour of cabinet;

> Clear tone, long projection;

> Three-way independent amplifier can drive one active driver, two full range speakers and one passive subwoofer;

> Easy system combination, fast installation. 

Full range speakerLA2082piece
Active subwooferLA12SA1piece
Passive subwooferLA12S1piece
Flight case(optional)
Speaker standDB073-12piece

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