FHE series of cabinets are the optimal selection for fixed installation reinforcement and touring show system. This series of cabinets have various of model, especially the high power dual 15” and dual 12” models, for specific application environment and audio reinforcement requirement.  

Application: This series of cabinets are suitable for the applications in bar, coffee bar, disco hall, cinema, theatre, multi-purpose hall, medium or small sized stadium, concert, outdoor show, meeting, etc.
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>The magnet configuration of woofer greatly reduces distortion. Winding voice coil increases the  surface of voice coil and heat dissipation.

>High sensitivity, power and efficiency 

>Tweeter with 3” and 1.74”voice coil, horn with constant directivity, rational power design, ensure elegant tone and sufficient power margin.  

>Water proof paint and grille with waterproof structure for the applications in various weather 

>Fourteen M10 screws for hanging, standard pole mounting, quick set up, multi-angle hanging

>wheels of dual 12” and dual 15” cabinet for easy moving 

Type 2-way 2x12” active loudspeaker2-way 2x15” active loudspeaker
Frequency response45Hz~20kHz(-10dB)40Hz~20kHz(-10dB)
Max SPL131dB132dB
LF2x12”MF/LF/75mm Voice Coil2x15”MF/LF/75mm Voice Coil
HFTi / PEN diaphragm/75mm Voice CoilTi / PEN diaphragm/75mm Voice Coil
Input connector JACK / XLRJACK / XLR
Input sensitivity0dBu0dBu
Amp power rated700W(LF)+100W(HF)750W(LF)+100W(HF)

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